FAbzabove – “Hitstick” (Prod. BROKECH1C) [Official Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

After teasing the brand new song and video on social media last week — FAbzabove finally unleashed “Hitstick” (Prod. BROKECH1C) via ELEVATOR yesterday. Directed by whenevertheweather, the mesmerizing visual does an exceptional job at capturing the thunderous, exuberant feeling that can be derived throughout the entirety of this track.

FAbzabove has been showcasing an incredible amount of development within his discography over the course of the last year. He’s been busy up to this point in 2019 — releasing “The Rush”, landing placement on King Kade’s EP Grow Up, Go Love Something, and performing alongside Bia, Leano, and more at the Middle East. Showing no signs of stopping, make sure you keep FAbzabove on your radar this year.

Watch the official music video for “Hitstick below:

King Kade – ‘Grow Up, Go Love Something’ EP

By: Shamus Hill

King Kade was first introduced to Graduation Music readers a few weeks back with the release of his Mike Hector-produced song, “ASAP”. He returns today with Grow Up, Go Love Something, a beautifully-orchestrated EP that helps bring the best out of some of Massachusetts’ most notable talents.

Listening through this project is reminiscent of reading a good book — elements of each individual chapter stand-out on their own whilst maintaining a seamless flow throughout. Mike Hector, Pettros, and Halfway were in charge of production on Grow Up, Go Love Something, and each put their best foot forward to achieve a formidable sonic foundation for the entirety of the EP.

Revolving around the various stages of falling in-and-out of love, King Kade takes a pop-infused route towards getting his feelings off of his chest. Featured on Grow Up, Go Love Something are Pettros, FAbzabove, and Patrick Michel, who align with King Kade’s sound in an extremely harmonious fashion. Anyone who’s been reading Graduation Music will recognize FAbzabove and Patrick Michel by name, with their features on this project being some of their most-prominent pieces of work yet.

Grow Up, Go Love Something puts King Kade’s musical capabilities and relentless work ethic on full display. Show the Quincy-native some love as he’s set to have a promising 2019.

Listen to Grow Up, Go Love Something below:

FAbzabove – “The Rush” (Prod. StoopKid)

By: Shamus Hill

FAbzabove and StoopKid make their return to the Graduation Music site today, this time with an ambient release titled “The Rush”. The last time this pair combined forces was on FAbzabove’s “3x”, an addictive track that debuted in August of 2017. Putting an end to the collaborative hiatus between the pair, both FAbzabove and StoopKid have put their best foot forward, making “The Rush” a solid offering to start off the year.

If you’re someone that avidly listens to FAbzabove’s discography, you’ll note the fact that this offering is a switch-up in his typical sound. For the most part, FAbzabove’s music is very energetic and in-your-face, however this is not the case with “The Rush”. He takes time to hone his melodic presence on this track, diving into the feelings accompanied by a sudden “rush” of love. Simply put, “The Rush” is a beautiful piece of work that will be sure to stand-out amongst the remainder of FAbzabove’s collection of releases.

Listen to “The Rush” below:

Artist: FAbzabove

Production: StoopKid

Mix/Master: Brad Feeney + Chuck Kennedy

FAbzabove – “Henny Sippa” ft. Donald Grunge & Splash Got’Em [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

If you’re looking for some energy to get you through the week, look no further than FAbzabove’s “Henny Sippa”. Anthemic in its nature and addictive in its excitable presence, this song is making waves all throughout Boston right now, and in order to complement this success, FAbz is here to drop off the accompanying visuals via ELEVATOR. Alongside Donald Grunge and Splash Got’Em, this track is proven to have shut down venues (the video has proof), and the music video is ready to spread this hype from Boston to the rest of the world. 

With this, thanks to direction and videography from the all-star himself, Xandros, “Henny Sippa” perfectly captures the ways in which this release has continuously made waves throughout its city of origin. Each of the three artists on the song are known in Boston for their talents, and the firepower that arises from a collaboration between the trio is simply indescribable — just listen to the verses for proof. I could talk about this song and music video all day long, but the point is, “Henny Sippa” is a rallying point for Boston, so let’s treat it as such.

Check out the ELEVATOR-premiered visuals below!

Produced by Maka

Recorded and Mixed by Triple Beam Brad

FabzAbove – “Fade” [Prod. Jew Paidro]

By: Seamus Fay

Simply put, covering FabzAbove’s music has always felt like a privilege. His relentless work ethic has made way for worlds of improvement and refined artistry with each successive release over time, and in such a way, it’s always a pleasure to be a witness to Fabz’ substantial growth as an artist. Hours upon hours in the studio yield some truly special final products, and such is the case with the latest from this rising talent: a new single entitled “Fade”.

Produced by Jew Paidro, this track finds FabzAbove at his most comfortable, sonically. The ominous deliveries seamlessly mesh with a hard-nosed instrumental, and by pairing the two styles together, fans receive a banger in every sense of the word. Only adding to this, the impactful presence of the vocals on this one show immense control and talent, reminding us why FabzAbove is one of the most promising acts coming out of Massachusetts right now.

That being said, listen to “Fade” below and if you haven’t already, click play on FabzAbove’s other recent release, “God Damn”, here!

Produced by @JewPaidro
Recorded & Mixed by @bradfeeney-prod
Album Art by Pat Hicks (IG: @hixci)

FABZAbove – “Mind” [Prod. LDG Beats]

By: Seamus Fay

Throughout the time that I have been listening to FABZAbove, it has always been the raw, unforgiving cadences in his music that have attracted me to his sound most. Sonically, they always seem to come together just right, and with a knack for choosing well-fitting production to complement this, the Boston native is able to achieve a unique yet alluring sound with every new track we hear from him. Today, we see this skill on exhibit once again with Fabz’s latest offering, “Mind” produced by LDG Beats.

For starters, it is a known fact within Boston right now that LDG stock is the hot stock to buy. In terms of the wide array of dope producers that the city has to offer, he has continued to stick out as a front-runner, and to see him and Fabz finally come together for a banger is definitely a dope partnership to hear from a fan’s perspective. Beyond this, however, the consistent flow of hard-hitting anthems coming from FABZAbove’s side has not gone unnoticed in the local scene, adding the melodic energy of “Mind” to the mix to shake things up and further prove that this rising talent has a deep vault of unique bangers to offer up.

With that being said, be sure to check out “Mind” below and keep an eye on both Fabz and LDG as we watch them continue to impress throughout 2018.

FabzAbove – “Above” ft. Patrick Michel [Prod. David Walker]

By: Seamus Fay

When scrolling through my Twitter feed yesterday, I stumbled upon a new collaboration between two of our local scene’s most promising artists in FABZABOVE and Patrick Michel. Not only did these two working together come as a pleasant surprise, but the song also features production from David Walker – a mastermind behind the boards that has consistently blessed us with hit after hit. Conjoining the powers of all three of these heavy hitters, they’re back on our pages today with a hard-hitting new track titled “Above”.

The main element of this offering that drew me in was the unapologetically raw charisma and deeply-cut kicks, meshing together to form a hard-hitting environment to set the stage pefectly for both Fabz and Michel to float over. The energy of “Above” will undoubtedly transalte into a spectacle at live shows, and I can only envision the mosh pits happening to this one in the near future. Needless to say, FABZABOVE, Patrick Michel, and David Walker have a banger on their hands so be sure to show some love and click play below.