SuperSmashBroz – “U Thought” ft. Polo $ummers & Gio Dee

By: Seamus Fay

Pertaining to the Massachusetts music community, one of 2017’s standout events was when the SuperSmashBroz blessed us all with their compilation mixtape, Family Cookout. Featuring music from an abundance of talents from the area as well as a number of highly-anticipated collaborations, this tape showed us all just how “for the city” the brotherly DJ duo really is, as they continue to represent their city in the best light possible. Today, they revisit this family affair with a set of comprehensive visuals for one of the standout tracks from the project, “U Thought” featuring frequent collaborators and fellow dynamic duo, Polo $ummers and Gio Dee.

Produced by Lil Rich and Dreaveli, the song itself kicks off the energy on an electrifying note, giving fans ample reason to put their faith behind the Boston-born collaboration and even more reason to keep “U Thought” on repeat all summer long. The visuals put this warm-weathered, ambitious feeling on a pedestal, taking to barbershop scenery to show the fans a familiar background where $ummers and Dee can show off their signature, charismatic flows in an environment that fits the sonic background of the song. “U Thought” is the first step into what will undoubtedly be a huge summer for the SuperSmashBroz, so be sure not to sleep.

Click play on the new visuals at the link below and catch the SuperSmashBroz and Gio Dee at the Great Scott on June 6th (via Fresh Out The Mint)!

Shot by: BarhamMedia
Directed by: NomaNomz
Edited by: Curwyn Henry


Dreaveli – “4SURE” [Mix]

By: Seamus Fay

The art of creating a mix is to find just the right mixture of unique sounds that come together and create a specific mood. One DJ that has seemingly mastered this skill is Dreaveli – a well-known name around Boston as Big Leano’s sidekick and a definite standout name within the local scene. His latest offering, “4SURE”, proves this prowess, offering fans a blend of hits from Lucki, KEY!, Young Thug, Wiz Khalifa, and a plethora of other names and songs to get familiar with.

Don’t sleep on this one, listen to “4SURE” at the link below and stay updated on Dreaveli by following him on Twitter here!

An Interview With Dreaveli

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.48.04 AM.png

By: Seamus Fay

Dreaveli is a multi-talented producer and DJ from Dorchester determined to watch his stocks rise by means of hard work and dedication to his crafts. He’s the quintessential example of how a relentless work ethic yields success when joined with heart and perseverance, and, currently on a national tour alongside the same people he came up with, his mindset reflects this very journey.

Aside from DJing for Big Leano, Dreaveli is also a well-known producer responsible for hard-hitting tracks such as the ever-important “Muddy Sip”, Mayklen Don’s “Lessons“, and much more. His extensive resume within Boston’s budding music scene has proven itself to cement the young artist’s role as one of the city’s most promising acts, and I can’t wait to watch the blessings keep rolling in for him as time goes on. I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with Dreaveli about his upbringing, tour, and much more. Read all about it below:

To start things off, where are you originally from?

I’m from Boston. Dorchester, specifically.

What was your childhood like? Who was Dreaveli growing up?

My childhood was lit, lol. I come from a Caribbean household so you know the food was really lit. I was blessed w/ 2 older siblings & a younger brother & it was always lit. Real big family ting going on.

DREAVELI was/still is that quiet dude but still is cool w/ everybody. Sports wasn’t really my type of shit so music took over real quick.

What was your first experience with music that really sparked your interest in it? Did anyone in your family influence you in that lane?

My big brother definitely. Watching someone that I look up to have their own take on things & have their own style really stuck w/ me. Really showed me that it’s a lifestyle. S/O my brother Tone forreal.

I can’t really recall the spark b/c music has always been w/ me. It’s more than just music to be honest, other than life’s ups & downs it really made me who I am now. A lifestyle. My lifestyle.

How did growing up in Dorchester help you to grow as a person?

Dorchester is mad universal. There are legit people from everywhere, so just having an open mind bout life in general helped me.


When did you first meet Big Leano? How did you two decide to start working together?

I met Leano like the first day of high school, freshman year type shit & been my dog since then. It just happened to be honest. I was making beats, he was rapping, then “Muddy Sip” came out. I was doing hype man type shit until I really knew that I wanted to DJ & we haven’t slowed down since.

Mentally, how have you grown since “Muddy Sip”? What has life been like these days and how has it affected your mindset?

My mindset is really on being better. Getting better. Making better moves & all that good shit. Not just in music, but life overall.

How does it feel being on a national tour right now with the same people you started off with?

Dreams really do come true when you really want it. That’s it.

What’s the best story you have from tour so far that you want to share with the people?

I’ll probably have a top 5 by the end of tour lol, every city has been crazy!


On the production side of things, where do you mainly get your inspiration from?

Too many places, man. Listening to random shit like Barry White to Future to King Krule. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

What advice can you give to the readers out there working on their own ventures?

You can really have whatever you want in this world if you go & get that shit.

Lastly, what can fans expect from you and your team in the future?

Vibes! Big vibes!

After interviewing Dreaveli, I realize that in a journey of such hometown pride and countless hours of hard work put in, his success is more than just a sight to see for Boston; It’s an example and an inspiration that in a scene of budding talent that hasn’t received the shine it deserves yet, there’s only one solution: to keep going. As we watch Dreaveli’s stock to continue to rise in the lanes of both production and DJing, the importance of all this must be kept in mind. The blessings are there if you go get them.

Thank you to Dreaveli for the interview and best of luck in the future and on the remaining stops of the One Night Only Tour. 

Connect with Dreaveli on:




Big Leano – ‘Packula’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

Big Leano is back, and he’s back with a vengeance. Currently touring all around the country and beyond with Cousin Stizz, the Boston representative is here with the follow-up to his highly regarded debut Tales From The Mud. This time around, Leano is blessing the streets with Packula, an 8-track collection of money-minded anthems and unforgiving accounts of the life that he’s lived. One phrase comes to mind when I think of a motto for this project: real life. Just like Stizz, Big Leano prides himself on brutal honesty in his raps and it’s clear that with the pinpoint detail he raps with, the rising artist is about the life he tells listeners of.

An equal amount of street wisdom and vivid storytelling make this one an automatic must-listen for me, and I find myself especially entertained when hearing the never-ending humor of Leano in his self-comparisons and descriptions. Marry these aspects to a production clinic from Qreamy Beats, LoLoTheGod, Twayne The Kidd, Tee-WaTT, and LDG Beats and you have something special.

I began my first listen of Packula at 6:30 this morning during my drive to school, and with booming production to complement aggressive verses/hooks, it definitely set the tone for the day well. I’m ready to keep this one on repeat for quite some time, and you should be, too. Give Packula a listen below.

***Also, check out Packula on Spotify and Apple Music