cWave$ – ‘Loading…’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

Here at Graduation Music, cWave$ has been on our radar as one of the eccentric, promising young artists in the Boston area. His music never fails to impress as both hypnotic and dense in the aesthetics that it brings to the light, and in this way, his catalog has grown to become one of the best-kept secrets in the area. Today, cWave$ is here to prove his prowess with yet another spectacular new release – a mixtape by the name of Loading…  featuring stellar guest spots from Stripes III and Dex LaMurda as well as an abundance of atmospheric production to light the way.

As the title entails, this rising talent’s artistry always seems to be growing and developing, and no body of work could prove this fact better than the 10 tracks that his newest offering brings to the spotlight. No moment is anything short of entertaining, sticking to cWave$’ unapologetic personality which he communicates over the mic with seamless skill. I could go about this project all day, but the fact of the matter is that the music speaks for itself on this one. Be sure not to sleep on cWave$ and his strong new release, Loading….

Click play at the link below and enjoy: