Lil Cxxp – “Forever” [Prod. Dee B]

By: Seamus Fay

Nothing beats finding new music when scrolling through my SoundCloud feed, and today, I feel as though we have a truly special new discovery to bring to the table. Here enters Boston artist Lil Cxxp and his single “Forever”. Doused in rock guitars that thrive within the sonic intersection of rock and rap, this track finds its identity woven throughout candid emotion and bellowing vocals. Cxxp’s talents cover a wide range of areas, and quite frankly, this is one of the best songs I’ve heard as of late.

Produced by Dee B, “Forever” is also a remarkable offering due to the lyrical talent that the rising artist possesses. His autotuned vocals reflect a passion-led delivery, but not until lyrics of introspection and emotional ambition come to the light is this single truly appreciated in all of its artistic glory. That said, this was a hell of a song to stumble upon, and furthermore, Lil Cxxp is an artist that I will definitely be keeping an eye out for in the future.

Get hip by clicking play on “Forever” at the link provided below:

Prod by Dee Bee
Engineered by @dombrunomusic
Cover Art by @nicviolets

Maye Star – “Today” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

If you have been following Graduation Music for some time now, it goes without saying that you have heard the name Maye Star at least a few times. Hailing from Roxbury, this rising talent has graced our pages time and time again with his consistently smooth style, never failing to drop an anthem just when we need it. Today, he visits the standout Dee B-produced single, “Today”, with a must-watch visual companion directed by none other than Xandros Photo.

Lyrically, the song takes us through a day in the life of Maye Star, shedding light on his never-ending supply of clever bars and infectious cadences. Taking this illustrative aspect and bringing it directly to the screen, the music video for this track follows Maye around from when he wakes up to when he hits the studio, letting fans know how life has been for the rising talent as well as what he’s up to these days. As we await Star’s forthcoming album, SUPA MOON, be sure to prepare yourself by watching “Today” at the link below.

Maye Star – “Today” [Prod. Dee B]

By: Seamus Fay

Well, Maye Star warned us about this. In an interview we did with the bubbling artist a few months ago, he told fans that he would be truly applying the full court pressure in November en route to his forthcoming project SUPA MOON. Sure enough, Star is here today to prove that he’s been putting in an incredible amount of work with an intoxicating new single, “Today”, produced by Dee B.

This track may stray a bit from the rising talent’s usual, singing style in its dense lyricism and cleverly stacked bars, but he’s sure to remind us that his vocal performance is as versatile as ever with a beautifully-delivered hook describing the prospect of success being close enough to touch. And by way of consistent releases and a sharp eye for quality, it truly is. Maye Star isn’t an artist to pass right over and I am completely confident in saying that SUPA MOON will prove this if you weren’t hip already.

Additionally, among a sea of aspects in this track that I could speak to, I feel that one of the most important is the fact that, as described in a message sent from Star on Twitter, this will be the intro to his tape. With “Today” as the introduction to what will surely be a wonderful piece, there’s no telling how strong each song will be. The bars are being set high very early on, and as he has proved in the past, I believe Maye Star is up for the challenge. That being said, click play on “Today” below and keep a close eye out for new releases from the rising talent coming soon.

Count – “Bangin’ On My Doe” [Prod. Dee B]

By: Chris Durkin

Currently on a run of solid music to keep the streets hot, Count is solidifying himself as one of Boston’s finest upcoming artists. After numerous teases all over his social media, the rising talent dropped the cover art for his new single “Bangin’ On My Doe” to his Instagram and followed that up with a set time for the release on his story just a few days ago. With fans eager to get a listen awaiting the new track, Count decided to drop the Dee B-produced track 15 minutes prior to set release which stirred up the chaos behind the drop for certain. This latest offering gives us insight into the life of the local talent as he continues to deliver numerous poetic charms and soothing melodies, again and again.

To keep it simple, “Bangin’ On My Doe” is the one. Count’s artistry is improving with every release, but this one might just be his most promising single as of yet – and that’s a lot considering all the other heat he has blessed us with in the past. Additionally, with all the snippets that he has been releasing, how many hits does Count have in the vault? We can’t answer that, but we can tell you that he has no shortage of heat ready to go. Listen to “Bangin’ On my Doe” below: