JORD4NEVERDIED ft. Donald Grunge & Connis – “Pedicure”

By: Shamus Hill

JORD4NEVERDIED recently recruited Donald Grunge and Connis to assemble an infectious single titled “Pedicure”.

Both Grunge and Connis float harmoniously atop some dazzling production at the hands of JORD4NEVERDIED, helping to raise the bar for Massachusetts artists in 2019. The duo utilize this track to gift fans a bit of an insight into their mindset as they brace for the coming year. Artists across the state have been building-up their skillsets, however Grunge and Connis remind everyone of just how high-up on the food chain they are.

Donald Grunge closed his 2018 on a high-note, working alongside some of Massachusetts’ best artists and releasing his debut album, Cowboy Talk. Quickly following in his footsteps is Connis, a native of Cambridge, Mass, who’s gearing up to release his new project titled Conn(is) this year. JORD4NEVERDIED worked equally as hard as these two throughout the last year, establishing a name for himself producing for his group, Froze.40, and a long list of others, whilst releasing music of his own. Be sure to pay attention to these three, as they’re showing no signs of slowing down whatsoever. In a nutshell, “Pedicure” is a telltale sign of what’s next to come for JORD4NEVERDIED, Donald Grunge, and Connis.

Listen to “Pedicure” below:

Artist: Donald Grunge + Connis


Cover Art: Patrick Hicks


Soap.wav – “This Side” ft. Connis (Prod. Ricky Sour)

By: Shamus Hill 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the music coming out of Cambridge, MA right now is nothing short of stellar. This statement rings true again with soap.wav’s latest release of “This Side” featuring Connis. Ricky Sour came through with a dreamy production job, which assists soap.wav in achieving yet another melodic hit along the way.

I was first exposed to soap.wav and Ricky Sour through their track “Relate”, which, similar to “This Side”, quickly became a record that I had in constant rotation. Soap.wav’s ability to achieve sonic heights, while at the same time remaining lyrically sound, is something that has really attracted me to his discography. He continues this effort on “This Side”, making an extremely catchy song with descriptive lyrics that hip you to what his team is all about.

Soap.wav takes some time to show love towards those in his life who haven’t switched-up on him despite all that he’s endured. He’s aware of his potential and what his future holds, however, he doesn’t forget who was always there for him. Acting as an ode to what we all strive for in life with respect to those who have always held us down, Soap.wav really delivered with this one.

Featured on “This Side” is Cambridge-native Connis (Connor Donovan), who happens to be another one of my favorite rising artists from the Boston area. He’s an extremely talented rapper who incorporates both fun and realism into his lyrics, coming through to help reinforce the fact that both soap.wav and himself are loyal to their side. Props to soap.wav, Ricky Sour, and Connis for coming together once again to produce an amazing output.

Stream “This Side” below:


[PREMIERE] Connor Donovan – “Spent”

By: Seamus Fay

In many cases, a song can be looked at as a preview into an artist’s life or a short clip of the trials and tribulations that we all go through, day to day. With this, when listeners can resonate with and feel the very cause of the song in their heart, an artist is able to achieve a much more impactful goal, invoking the feelings that they experience within their fans and overall, crafting a sense of community with just one three-minute piece of sound. I say this because such is the case with Cambridge artist Connor Donovan’s brand new single, “Spent” that we here at Graduation Music are so proud to present

Donovan has rapidly become a must-listen artist out of the Massachusetts’ scene right now, and in his latest offering, he takes this reputation to new heights. “Spent” fits right in the young artist’s sweet spot both lyrically and sonically, marking itself with a refined artistry far beyond Donovan’s years. He knows how to craft a piece of music that will hit far below the surface, and subsequently so, a song that will resonate with listeners and further the Cambridge artist’s fanbase greatly.

That being said, it’s important to understand that the very purpose of this song is to illustrate the urge that we all feel in pursuit of our dreams. Unfulfillment can set in at times, and in these very instances of the chase it takes to get to the top, we all learn something about ourselves. This theme strikes as hard as ever, giving any and all fans a great reason to listen.

All in all, “Spent” is an incredible single for all of our readers to check out and get hip to Connor Donovan, so be sure to click play below and stay updated by following the Cambridge native on Twitter here!