Rugby Lo Sport – “ANATR (A Night At The Roxbury)” [Prod. Chris Romero]

By: Seamus Fay

Rugby Lo Sport – a striking character within Boston’s music community, mainly due to his well-crafted lyricism and undeniably charismatic vocals. With these skills as fuel, this artist has made several appearances on our pages in the past, and looking back, he always seems to sharpen up his artistry with each successive release. That being said, the hard work is paying off, as Rugby has grown more and more notoriety within the past few months. Today, he’s here to add to the streak with a headliner of a single, blessing our pages with “ANATR (A Night At The Roxbury)”.

Produced by Chris Romero, this remarkably hypnotic offering takes fans into somewhat of a day in the life of this young talent. He offers honest accounts of how he’s living without placing any sort of fake filter over it, and in such a way, Rugby’s technical skills will always do him well in making sure the listeners can latch onto any given style he ventures toward. Needless to say, authenticity when on the mic does not go unnoticed, and this is certainly the case with the descriptive nature of “ANATR”.

Show some love to Rugby Lo Sport and click play at the link below!