‘The Roaring 20s’ Show Preview

By: Shamus Hill

This upcoming Monday, December 30th, is set to be an incredible one as Chase Murphy will be headlining ‘The Roaring 20s’ at the Brighton Music Hall alongside both Swooli and Packy Marciano. Each of these Massachusetts-born artists are in possession of sensational discographies, so the Graduation Music staff thought that it’d only be right to select a few tracks that fans should familiarize themselves with prior to Monday night. If you consider yourself a fan of the local music scene, then this event is definitely a must-see, with each of these talents being some of the most reputable that our area has to offer.

Chase Murphy – “Miami Vices”

Featured on his latest project, Long Winters, “Miami Vices” is one of our favorite Chase releases to-date. While the majority of his songs make use of a pop-infused sound, this project allowed the Brookline native to experiment more with the Hip-Hop side of his artistry, which ultimately resulted in a project that his highly-pleasurable to listen to.

Swooli – “Millennial 20s”

Swooli’s “Millennial 20s” dropped towards the end of this past September, and is an excellent preview of what fans will see this Monday, as the music video literally shows Swooli performing with natural grace. He relays an infectious energy throughout each of his songs, and this feeling will only be amplified once he touches the stage at the Brighton Music Hall.

Packy Marciano – “Perfect”

More than 2 years since it’s release, Packy Marciano’s “Perfect” is quite literally that, perfect. He’s released a handful of tracks since Side Effects dropped, however this one will always be the first I think of when it comes to Packy. He’s consistently been one of the most electric performers that Massachusetts has to offer, so if you’ve yet to see this Brockton native on stage then there’s no better time than now.


Chase Murphy – “Interview” (Prod. Fríó)

By: Shamus Hill

Making his return to the Graduation Music pages today is Brookline’s Chase Murphy with “Interview” — the second single off of his upcoming EP, Long Winters.

Equipped with buttery vocals and lyricism that’s both undeniably catchy and full of depth – “Interview” is only the most recent release from Chase Murphy that maintains solid sonic structure and substance. This track serves as the fourth official single that he’s put out up through this point in 2019, and with each new release he seemingly unlocks an additional layer of his artistry that had been previously untapped. Chase’s ability to break down his life experience through his musical catalog is truly marvelous, and with that we’re very excited to hear what Long Winters will have to offer.

Listen to “Interview” below:


Chase Murphy releases the second installation of his 16Under60 Series: “KING TUT FREESTYLE”

By: Shamus Hill

“KING TUT FREESTYLE” serves as the second-leg of Chase Murphy’s 16Under60 Series — a series of videos in which Chase spits 16 bars in under 60 seconds. Equipped with visuals that were shot by Daymian Mejia and edited by Brandon Shave, this release is a magnificent one that brings the Brookline-native’s high level of talent into the limelight. Be sure to keep your eyes pealed for what’s next to come from Chase Murphy as 2019 progresses.

Watch the video for “KING TUT FREESTYLE” below:

Chase Murphy – “Hollup” (Prod. Urban Nerd)

By: Shamus Hill

Brookline-native Chase Murphy has proven to be one of the most hardworking individuals in the state, capping off his 2018 with a long list of releases and show appearances that have dramatically boosted his audience.

He’s back on the Graduation Music site today with his first release of 2019, a somber, yet hopeful track titled “Hollup”. Featuring production by Urban Nerd, the pair really excelled at formulating a thorough piece of work. Chase speaks on how he’s struggled to come to terms with the fact that the path towards his destiny is a long one. Feeling like he’s already done more than enough to reach his goals, “Hollup” displays Chase Murphy’s transition in mindset towards a more relaxed, patient mentality. Rather than working himself up about why he isn’t at his end goal yet, he’s prepared to work diligently until he arrives there.

My favorite part of this track is how Chase starts off his verse:

“So this for the local fellas I been rocking with, it ain’t all that special from the window of this rocket ship”

Chase Murphy – “Hollup”

Despite all the success he’s seen this past year, Chase wants to remind everyone that he’s still the normal person he’s always been. It takes an incredible amount of hard-work and dedication to fulfill our goals, and Chase Murphy really wants the other participants within our local music scene to understand this. Rather than quitting when things don’t seem to be working for you, put your head down and go ten times harder. This is the message that shines brightly through this track, and is one that everyone should hear.

Listen to Chase Murphy’s latest release below:

Produced by Urban Nerd (@dallascooper)
Mixed & Mastered by Robie Rowland (@
Artwork by Jack Marcella

Chase Murphy – “No Mo” [Dir. Daymian Meija]

By: Seamus Fay

If we’re being honest with ourselves, few artists in Massachusetts are producing the same quality of music as Chase Murphy right now, especially at such a consistent rate. It seems as though every time he drops, I become even more impressed than I was with the last release, and this theme has continuously remained prevalent throughout the young artist’s entire journey towards the top as of yet. Today, we see the full scope of the soon-to-be star’s artistry, as he releases a visual companion for the summer-minded single, “No Mo“.

Directed by Daymian Meija, this video keeps things fairly simplistic while maximizing the natural energy that the song brings forth. In truth, “No Mo” is an unbelievable track as it is, and no visuals could complement this as well as the crisp scenery that we see with Murphy and his team dancing to the sun-soaked melodies. Chase Murphy is on his way towards doing some very special things, so be sure to keep on top of his new releases.

Show some love and watch “No Mo” at the link below:

Chase Murphy – “No Mo”

By: Seamus Fay

The weather is getting warmer, we’re all piecing together our spring and summer playlists, and Chase Murphy is here to take over. Today, he hits Graduation Music with a refreshing new offering entitled “No Mo” produced by Origami. And if you weren’t already convinced that this kid is going to be a star one day, well, I wholeheartedly believe that this is the track that will officially change your mind. That being said, let’s explore further into it.

In terms of sound, “No Mo” takes to a dance-inspired beat to channel its bubbling energy. As the Boston native bounces over these rhythms with an equal hand of both skill and excitement, he delivers line after line of anthemic lyricism, and once married with the sleek background melodies, this song becomes an undeniable hit. It is, in every way, a snapshot of the ambition that stems off of the warm weather. As such, I’ll be keeping “No Mo” on heavy repeat for the weeks and months to come, and you should, too.

Listen to Chase Murphy’s latest at the link below:

Chase Murphy – “30 Below”

By: Seamus Fay

Chase Murphy. A name that, ever since it first appeared on my Twitter timeline, has always been one of confident stature within Boston’s music scene. By sticking to his strengths and staying true to the polished artist that he has come to be, Murphy has undoubtedly distinguished himself as one of the city’s finest young talents. Today, he’s back on Graduation Music to prove this, dropping off a brand new single titled “30 Below”.

Produced by Mantra, this enthusiastic track weaves through hypnotic instrumentation in order to allow Murphy the room to unleash his inimitable, bellowing vocals. And trust me when I say that he takes advantage of this opportunity, bar after bar, with an abundance of infectious energy. Aside from this, you’re just about guaranteed to get every line of this one stuck in your head after the first listen, and all thing considered, that’s not such a bad thing at all.

Chase Murphy just released an anthem to lead us out of the winter and into the spring, so show some love and listen to “30 Below” at the following link:

Teddy Ruck-Spin – ‘The Alpine Collection’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

Checking my inbox this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a dope new beat tape from Newton producer Teddy Ruck-Spin. And I must say, matched with two impressive guest appearances from Chase Murphy’s vocals and Richard Park’s production, it’s certainly something special. Although I may not have been hip to Ruck-Spin’s music until now, it goes without saying that this rising talent can certainly do some damage on the boards, and throughout the wide variety of sounds featured on The Alpine Collection, was able to prove his musical prowess in an infectious manner.

With that being said, the elements that attracted me most to Ruck-Spin’s production style were its personality and illustrative capabilities. Not only was the MA producer able to showcase a very specific charisma on this tape, but he was also able to paint a vivid picture of life in the alpines, hence the title. Doing so Ruck-Spin was able to catch our attention, and now that he’s on our radar, we will certainly be keeping an eye on the Newton native in the future. With that, The Alpine Collection is a very strong collection of intoxicating sounds from front to back, so be sure to show some love and give it a listen below.