Millyz – “The Prom”

By: Shamus Hill

Returning to the Graduation Music site today with his first release of 2019 is Millyz. The Cambridge-rapper is one of the more reputable in the state, and “The Prom” is yet another shining example of just how talented he is. With Blanco 2 currently in the works, Millyz is hopping into his bag, gearing up to make his next album his most prominent collection of music to-date.

“The Prom” simply serves a reminder of how Millyz has been living as of late. He’s gaining notoriety across the world, and the more he grows, the more he brings Massachusetts with him. He’s quickly become a spokesperson for the blossoming music scene within the state, so it’ll be interesting to see how he moves throughout the year. Prepare yourself for the release of Millyz’s upcoming project, and dedicate a few moments to hear his first song since “Strawberry Goya”.

Listen to “The Prom” below:


soap.wav – “Top Down” [Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Gracing the Graduation Music site again today is soap.wav, this time with both the audio and visuals for a brand-new release titled “Top Down”. Tapping in BT Livin to help bring his vision to life, soap.wav wants listeners to understand that he’s coming with a furious energy in 2019. Perhaps his most potent track to date, “Top Down” helps add an additional layer atop soap.wav’s artistry.

Chris Tophr is the man responsible for the production on “Top Down”, giving this track a really hypnotic, yet buoyant sound that soap.wav floats over. Possessing a long-list of songs that achieve a variety of heights, “Top Down” unleashes an entirely new layer of soap.wav that his listeners haven’t been exposed to before. The Cambridge-native is yet another example of just how talented the city is, and is looking to build upon his strengths even more as the year continues.

Watch the video for “Top Down” below:

Deadmall – “Cold” ft. Rothstein + “Warm”

By: Shamus Hill

The music scene in Western Massachusetts has begun to blossom during these last couple of years, bringing a slew of talented artists with it. Deadmall is a prime example of such talent, and the group is back on the Graduation Music site today with two new singles titled “Cold” and “Warm”. Recruiting Rothstein for “Cold”, Gabe Gill and Honeyftiz concocted a pair of melodic offerings that have added even more depth to an already solid discography.

As mentioned previously, “Cold” features Cambridge-native Rothstein, and is a truly icy release that accurately grasps the feelings attached with mid-January in New England. Both Gabe Gill and Honeyfitz make use of the first portion of the song to release some of what’s been weighing on their minds as they paint images of a scenic winter. Rothstein wraps up the beautiful record with a slippery, yet well-kept verse that puts the ribbon on a wonderfully gift-wrapped song.

“Warm” is the second track that Deadmall released, and seamlessly transitions into a brighter, more hopeful state of mind. This song adds an additional layer of melodic harmony onto Deadmall’s discography, and offers powerful lyricism that is truly thought-provoking. Both Gabe Gill and Honeyfitz possess the ability to deliver thoughtful messages that are joyous to listen-to, and this attribute is something that I believe will help Deadmall gain a larger audience as 2019 continues to unravel. The duo should be extremely proud of the work that they’ve put in.

Listen to “Cold” and “Warm” below:

[PREMIERE] Maka + Durkin – “Forward”

By: Shamus Hill

Maka and Durkin grace the Graduation Music pages once again, this time with a highly-listenable offering titled “Forward”. The first release from the duo in 2019, “Forward” is a sonically-pleasing reminder to keep pushing forward no matter what may occur.

Maka and Durkin have had quite the history with one another, releasing two projects and a string of singles that have proved to be some of the best releases out of the state of Massachusetts in recent years. Their first piece of work together since Waterproof (2018), “Forward” is a tell-tale sign of the successes that are to come from Maka and Durkin as the year unfolds.

“Forward” revolves around Maka’s decision to move forward in his life at all costs. He details some of the tumultuous events that he’s been forced to endure in his life as of late, however, refuses to let this negativity drag him off the path towards his destiny. Maka understands the fact that the world will continue moving no matter what, and he’s not prepared to get left behind whatsoever. As the cover art depicts, “Forward” quite literally feels like a stroll along the beach as a storm ensues. With distraction and risk surrounding us completely, we must make the decision to keep moving gracefully as if all is well. This is the only way that we’ll see our true potential face-to-face, and it appears to be something that Maka understands exceptionally well.

Maka and Durkin have successfully blessed listeners with a potent release once again. As the pair continue to work side-by-side, their chemistry only seems to be growing stronger. Be sure to keep them on your radar in 2019.

Listen to Maka & Durkin’s latest release, “Forward”, below:


Connis – “Spent” [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Connis and BT Livin bring their minds together in order to forge some eye-catching visuals for the first single off of Connis’ upcoming project, Conn(is). Graduation Music premiered this flawless track back in April of 2018, so we’re delighted to see that it has finally received a video treatment.

“Spent” circulates around the feeling that we obtain following periods of stagnancy. Connis reiterates, “I spent way too long, waiting on nothing / I can’t take it no more, gotta get something”, throughout this track, and it shines a light on how overbearing reflection can be for us at times. While we can’t change what’s already happened in our lives, sometimes we can get buried with the ideas of what could have been had we acted differently. In Connis’ example, he’s weighed down by the thoughts of how he could’ve moved differently to better prepare himself for reaching his goals.

As the song progresses, the tempo shifts towards a faster pace, and Connis details how he’s beginning to bounce back from the mistakes he’s made. With a new perspective on how he should operate and an assessment of what’s truly valuable in his life, he’s prepared to launch himself towards the completion of his dreams. He ends the track with, “How is change gon’ come, if I don’t change something?”, coming to the realization that the changes he makes in his own life will ultimately be what end up changing his life for the better.

As usual, BT Livin did a wondrous job injecting a newfound energy into this track, and viewers everywhere should certainly be watching this in order to prepare themselves for the release of Conn(is). A living example of how much talent is present within the depths of Cambridge, Connis is ready to take over.

Watch the official video for “Spent” below:

Artist: Connis

Director: Connis & BT Livin

Gogo – “King Of The Jungle” [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Gogo and BT Living recently combined forces in order to gift fans with the official visuals for Gogo’s “King Of The Jungle”, an addictive offering that the Graduation Music staff has had in rotation since it dropped this past summer.

Gogo had himself quite the 2018, delivering a handful of melodic masterpieces that have helped him gain a solid position within the Massachusetts music scene. His vocal range allows him to capture a wide variety of emotions in his music, and this attribute is something that I truly believe will assist in lifting Gogo into a universal limelight. The Cambridge-native is yet another example of the immense amount of talent that’s present within the city, and as he settles into 2019 it’s becoming apparent that he’s moving towards having a successful year.

Watch the official video for “King Of The Jungle” below:

Artist: Gogo

Production: Gogo

Director: BT Livin

Creative Director: Sim

Photography: @LexOnOne

Rothstein – “endless winter freestyle” (Prod. fallen atom)

By: Shamus Hill

Rothstein graces the Graduation Music site once again, this time with his warming new release “endless winter freestyle”. Wonderfully entangling the coziness of the season within the reflective attitudes that the end of the year brings to light, “endless winter freestyle” serves as the perfect soundtrack for your last days of 2018.

Cambridge’s Rothstein has had himself quite the year, as he’s successfully delivered fans his debut album, HIGH WATER, and received over a million streams on his music. Despite his successes though, Rothstein seemingly struggles with whether or not he’s on the correct path in life. While understanding that he’s certainly been making strides towards the fulfillment of his dreams, the end of the year always has us second guessing the true importance of our accomplishments. Finding comfort in discomfort is ultimately the silver lining of “endless winter freestyle”. We may not be 100% sure of what we’re doing in the moment, but as long as we move with our best foot forward, only good things are sure to come.

Every time I write about Rothstein’s music, one thing never fails to remain consistent, and that’s his natural ability to evoke strong emotion through vocals. He quite literally sounds like the morning sun shining on a world covered in ice. Fallen Atom did a phenomenal job with the production of this track, truly helping to cement the “endless winter” feeling that can be derived from the song. If you haven’t yet, please be sure to give this release your undivided attention.

Listen to Rothstein’s “endless winter freestyle” below:

Artist: Rothstein

Production: Fallen Atom

Connis – “Introvert” (Prod. babygoat) MUSIC VIDEO

By: Shamus Hill 

The transformative ability of BT Livin to translate wonderful music into exceptional visuals has been put on display yet again, this time with Connis and babygoat for “Introvert”. Arguably one of the most potent releases out of the Cambridge-native this year, “Introvert” is a testament to the fact that Connis is staying true to himself as he pursues his dreams. 

One of Connis’ standout attributes is how he’s able to construct bars full of meaning that are incredibly fun to listen to. With lines like “I don’t be chasing with soda boy, I just been chasing this dream my whole life”, and “Everybody got the drip now, I’m just rapping till’ the pipe burst”, it becomes overwhelmingly evident that Connis is willing to go against the grain in order to see his goals through. His primary focus is developing within himself rather than following the opinion of the masses, and with that being said, “Introvert” is a shining example of how he’s making strides towards completing this mission. 

Big shoutout to babygoat for coming through with frosty production that allows Connis to really exhibit why his artistry is not to be messed with. “I didn’t hear that babygoat tag in the intro first, BABYGOAT, oh there it is, that’s my shit forreal” echoes Connis at the beginning of the track, showcasing how highly the Cambridge-artist thinks of the young producer. Anytime his name is attached to a song, it instantaneously becomes a “must listen”, and as he continues to work with more and more talented individuals, his skill set has only continued to successfully develop. Living proof the fact that Boston possesses both talented rappers AND producers, the future of the music scene in our city is looking brighter than ever. 

Watch the official video for the Connis’ “Introvert” below:

Produced by @babygoat617

Directed by @spaceysim // Shot by @bt.livin

KMerc ’57 Columbia’ (Album Review)

By: Shamus Hill 

Cambridge, MA continues to prove to the world that it’s a hotspot for music. From the likes of Connis and Rothstein all the way to Millyz, Cambridge has shown that it possesses a variety of high-caliber artists. Recently, I was hipped to another young talent from the area, KMerc, whose 57 Columbia project dropped last week. It isn’t every day where you discover a new artist with an exceptional debut album, however, that’s the position we find ourselves in today with this ambitious young act.

Upon first listen to 57 Columbia, it’s easy to note the dominant presence which KMerc exhibits over each instrumental. Entirely produced by HD, the pair possesses an exuberant ability to work well with one another. The beats are tailored perfectly towards KMerc’s saucy, emotion-filled sound, which assists in making the project both thorough and cohesive.

Listening through this album, you’ll stumble upon an array of noteworthy tracks. The intro, titled “Intro (Favors)”, is one of those noteworthy songs that deserves mentioning. KMerc comes at you right away with his high-energy vocals, establishing the feel for the remainder of the project. Speaking on not owing anyone any favors and how he’ll achieve his goals on his own if need be, KMerc quickly begins to showcase his high level of talent. “Quicksand”, which features Kye Bills, is the second song on the album, and it’s here where the duo communicate how they won’t be “sinking” anytime soon. Overall, I’m a really big fan of how this track, in particular, was put together, but the continuous Patriots references throughout were what really made me throw this song on repeat.

“Real You” which features AC Gotti and Kye Bills, was an additional favorite of mine. The trio brings some real dancehall vibes into the mix with this record, and I’m 100% here for it. Helping to diversify KMerc’s sound, “Real You” is a shining example of how versatile he really is. “With You” is the second to last song on the project, and it’s here where KMerc offers an emotional, appreciative display towards the girl he loves. An ode to how much more pleasant life is when she’s around, KMerc exhibits the respectable ability to insert truth and feeling into the music he creates. Assisting in bringing this undivided offering to a close, 57 Columbia proves to be an album worth listening to.

I’m beyond excited to see what’s next to come from Cambridge’s newest sensation. He has a large appetite for success, and as his music states, he won’t be letting up whatsoever until he achieves his goals. Keep KMerc on your radar.

Listen to KMerc’s debut album 57 Columbia below:

Connis ft. Rothstein – “Rude” [Prod. Yang]

By: Shamus Hill 

Connis is here today on Graduation Music with the second single off of his upcoming project, Conn(is), due for release this August. With this, alongside fellow Cambridge native Rothstein, the two standout acts combine forces to gift fans an undoubtedly wonderful record with their new song, “Rude” produced by Yang.

Circulating around romantic complications, “Rude” serves as Connis’ moment to get some things off of his mind. Emotional outbursts, miscommunication, and the desire to grow with someone you genuinely care about are a few of the themes prevalent throughout this track, all of which are communicated in an artful, alluring way. The feature from Rothstein works in a similar way, offering a straight-up addictive, melodic sound that takes this dope record and makes it that much better.

As I listen through Connis’ discography, it’s easy to note the high level of talent he possesses, and no matter what the subject may be, you can rest assured that the Cambridge native will deliver a high-quality song. Rothstein works just as efficiently, offering reason as to why he has skyrocketed into the position of one of my favorite artists in Massachusetts.

With that being said, these two Cambridge representatives are truly putting on for their hometown in a venerable light. Get ready for Conn(is) this August and also keep an eye out for Rothstein’s forthcoming effort, HIGH WATER.

Listen to “Rude” below:

Soap.wav – “This Side” ft. Connis (Prod. Ricky Sour)

By: Shamus Hill 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the music coming out of Cambridge, MA right now is nothing short of stellar. This statement rings true again with soap.wav’s latest release of “This Side” featuring Connis. Ricky Sour came through with a dreamy production job, which assists soap.wav in achieving yet another melodic hit along the way.

I was first exposed to soap.wav and Ricky Sour through their track “Relate”, which, similar to “This Side”, quickly became a record that I had in constant rotation. Soap.wav’s ability to achieve sonic heights, while at the same time remaining lyrically sound, is something that has really attracted me to his discography. He continues this effort on “This Side”, making an extremely catchy song with descriptive lyrics that hip you to what his team is all about.

Soap.wav takes some time to show love towards those in his life who haven’t switched-up on him despite all that he’s endured. He’s aware of his potential and what his future holds, however, he doesn’t forget who was always there for him. Acting as an ode to what we all strive for in life with respect to those who have always held us down, Soap.wav really delivered with this one.

Featured on “This Side” is Cambridge-native Connis (Connor Donovan), who happens to be another one of my favorite rising artists from the Boston area. He’s an extremely talented rapper who incorporates both fun and realism into his lyrics, coming through to help reinforce the fact that both soap.wav and himself are loyal to their side. Props to soap.wav, Ricky Sour, and Connis for coming together once again to produce an amazing output.

Stream “This Side” below:


[PREMIERE] Connor Donovan – “Spent”

By: Seamus Fay

In many cases, a song can be looked at as a preview into an artist’s life or a short clip of the trials and tribulations that we all go through, day to day. With this, when listeners can resonate with and feel the very cause of the song in their heart, an artist is able to achieve a much more impactful goal, invoking the feelings that they experience within their fans and overall, crafting a sense of community with just one three-minute piece of sound. I say this because such is the case with Cambridge artist Connor Donovan’s brand new single, “Spent” that we here at Graduation Music are so proud to present

Donovan has rapidly become a must-listen artist out of the Massachusetts’ scene right now, and in his latest offering, he takes this reputation to new heights. “Spent” fits right in the young artist’s sweet spot both lyrically and sonically, marking itself with a refined artistry far beyond Donovan’s years. He knows how to craft a piece of music that will hit far below the surface, and subsequently so, a song that will resonate with listeners and further the Cambridge artist’s fanbase greatly.

That being said, it’s important to understand that the very purpose of this song is to illustrate the urge that we all feel in pursuit of our dreams. Unfulfillment can set in at times, and in these very instances of the chase it takes to get to the top, we all learn something about ourselves. This theme strikes as hard as ever, giving any and all fans a great reason to listen.

All in all, “Spent” is an incredible single for all of our readers to check out and get hip to Connor Donovan, so be sure to click play below and stay updated by following the Cambridge native on Twitter here!