Brevin Kim – “swim!”

By: Shamus Hill

Brevin Kim, a duo of brothers from the Greater Boston area, release “swim!” and announce that they have a collab EP with Lil West that’s set to drop this upcoming Friday.

Consistent with the majority of the pair’s discography, both Bren and Cal play somewhat of a balancing act throughout “swim!”. Bren sings with an overwhelmed, almost aching torment that revolves around the various hurdles that life throws one’s way. Just when his thoughts seem to spiral out of control, Cal arrives with the important reminder to “swim” as Bren belts out, “it’s hard to forget, when you’re focused on forgetting”. Not only does their lyricism evoke a vast amount of emotion, but the manner in which they deliver these lyrics takes that feeling and expands it exponentially. In short, “swim!” is a powerful anecdote that emphasizes the necessity to persevere through the depths of life’s tumultuous moments. No matter how bad things may seem — we can never give up.

Listen to “swim!” below:

Photo Above by Oliver Peric


Brevin Kim – “Haunt Your Dreams”

By: Shamus Hill

Brevin Kim are back on Graduation Music today with an exhilarating single titled “Haunt Your Dreams”.

This self-produced masterpiece serves as yet another genre-bending offering from this duo. Based around the tumultuous ending to a long-lasting, resilient relationship, Brevin Kim pour their hearts out on this transcendent release. The vocals bounce back and forth between states of tranquility and agitation, something that is also represented within the alternating production of this track. A perfect depiction of the rush of emotions felt during periods such as this — “Haunt Your Dreams” is assuredly one of the most potent additions to Brevin Kim’s discography.

Listen to “Haunt Your Dreams” below:

[PREMIERE] Brevin Kim – “I Was Happier When I Was Sad”

By: Shamus Hill

Brevin Kim are slated to have an extremely successful 2019, starting off their year with the release of the official audio and visuals for “I Was Happier When I Was Sad”. The duo ended their 2018 with a long list of high-quality releases, and it’s looking as if this behavior is only going to continue as we enter the new year.

“I Was Happier When I Was Sad” is a self-explanatory name for this song, as the pair dwell on how they feel more like themselves when they’re enduring darker moments in their lives. We all eventually become molded by our surroundings, and it’s apparent that Brevin Kim have been surrounded by turmoil and distrust. They’re so used to being battle-tested that they’re unsure of how to live their lives otherwise, and it’s gotten to the point where they actually feel more comfortable when things aren’t as easy-going.

As you listen-through Brevin Kim’s collection of music, it becomes overwhelmingly apparent that these two brothers are extremely well-connected with one another. “I Was Happier When I Was Sad” is another testament towards this statement. Sonically speaking, Brevin Kim routinely find a balance that almost always results in wonderful music. As they’ve continued to develop, the lyrical content only seems to be behaving in the same fashion. It isn’t often that a musical group can achieve the type of connectivity that is present within Brevin Kim, which has been something that’s truly helped them stand-out in the Massachusetts music scene. The future is looking brighter than ever for these two brothers, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for them.

Watch/Listen to “I Was Happier When I Was Sad” below:

Artist: Brevin Kim

Cover Art: Nic Violets

Brevin Kim – “i don’t get along” & “but i can’t go”

By: Seamus Fay

Just recently, marking the release of one of the best projects to come out of Massachusetts this year, a duo by the name of Brevin Kim blessed our pages with a project entitled Happy Tears. Beautiful in its vulnerability and abstract sonic direction, this album showed immense artistic development from the MA natives, offering up their finest release to date simply by following an unmatched path of authenticity. Now that all heads are turned their way, Brevin Kim are back on Graduation Music with two new singles: “i don’t get along” and “but i can’t go”.

At their core, each of these songs take on an intense emotional connection between artist and listener. The passion that weaves itself throughout lines of introspection and confusion comes across as raw and undiluted, and in such a way, these loose offerings act as an extension of Happy Tears considering how personal they’re able to get. Without a doubt, Brevin Kim will continue to grow into an increasingly refined and sophisticated artistry, so make sure you’re hip and check out the two new singles below!

Brevin Kim – ‘Happy Tears’ [Album]

By: Seamus Fay

If there’s any direction that your head should be turned right now, it’s right in the direction of Boston-based alternative duo, Brevin Kim. Currently making some of their best music to date as well as showing an exemplary effort of artistic development and growth, this one-two punch of a group is here to make their presence known on Graduation Music today with a breathtaking new project entitled Happy Tears. Following their last effort from just a few months back, Nobody Truly Loves Me But My Mom, this project shows some incredible maturation from these highly-talented artists, and if not anything else, it should tell you that Brevin Kim is the group to watch out of Boston in the future.

That said, one central reason that Happy Tears works so well is due to the way that it places vulnerability and consequential progression under a shared microscope. By communicating such true-to-self, universal themes, the duo is able to find a captivating voice in their artistry, which is only complemented by abstractly beautiful sonic direction to top it all off. Happy Tears embraces the unfamiliarity of life in ways that any listener can connect with on a personal level, and naturally so, it goes without saying that it’s a must-listen for all of our readers out there.

Brevin Kim is creating striking music that deserves some serious shine — listen to the duo’s latest at the link provided below!