Lord Felix – “Bad Bwodie”

By: Frankie Wahlberg

If you’ve been keeping your ears open to the music rising out of Massachusetts, it’d be safe to assume that you’re familiar with Brockton’s Van Buren Records.  With a team of unique and polished artists that includes growing acts such as Jiles, Luke Bar$ and Saint Lyor — they’re a collective that is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

Playing an instrumental role in this group is Lord Felix, but despite being at the epicenter of one of the more prominent collectives in the area, Lord Felix himself has been rather silent thus far in 2020. Other than his handful of features, the man behind the infamous mask has remained somewhat reserved since his victory as Best New Artist at the Boston Music Awards this past December. Now with the release of his newest single “Bad Bwodie”, it appears as though Lord Felix’s silence over the last few months has been spent building momentum — the pulling back of an arrow with the intention of a powerful release. 

The single, released in tandem with a short clip entitled “Hometown Hero”, reverberates an anthem of triumph. Produced by MultiplePetes, a Boston native who astonishingly balances law school and music, Lord Felix rides the track with high energy and prideful lyrics, undoubtedly mirroring feelings still lingering from a breakthrough year in 2019. “Wifey ‘round my arm cuz she watched me beat the odds!” he proclaims in victory.  

From the energy and magnitude of this single, one can only assume that Lord Felix, along with the rest of his Van Buren clique, have big things coming on the horizon. As his sound continues to refine with each coming release, it is safe to say that if you’re not paying attention to Lord Felix right now, you should be. 

Listen to “Bad Bwodie” below:


Photo Above by Andrew Regis


Boston Music Awards Presents: Project #thisis617

By: Shamus Hill

In an effort to help amass some much-needed support for local artists during these unprecedented times, Boston Music Awards and Redefined have announced the launch of Project #thisis617. Sponsored by Jack Daniels, Project #thisis617 is a $10,000 relief fund for artists within the Boston music community where $100 will be given away every single day over the course of the next 8 weeks.

To enter, artists must record a video of themself performing one of their songs from home, then nominate another local artist to do the same. Every day, the Boston Music Awards staff will select one video to be featured on their website, with each featured video being the recipient of $100. To find out more information and to upload your video, simply head on over to thisis617.com/apply to find all relevant information.

617Sessions: Class of 2017

By: Shamus Hill

The Boston Music Awards recently uploaded their first installment of 617Sessions, a music series that they’ve created with the focus being providing local artists with professional studio time. The playlist doesn’t have a uniform sound, however, with that being said, each of the artists involved does a tremendous job with their song placement.

Haasan Barclay’s “The Trip” was the first of the tracks to really stand out to me. I’ve been a huge fan of his unique sound for quite some time, and this song most certainly didn’t disappoint. The combination of the drums and guitar right off the bat offer some mellow feels, which Haasan soon after ties altogether with his wonderful vocals.

The second standout off of 617Sessions: Class of 2017 was Big Leano’s “Bowls”. We’re currently teetering on the edge of PACKULA Season, and with that being said, any new Big Leano is cause to drop everything you’re doing and listen. Following his most recent release “Broke”, Leano is only creating even more buzz for his next project. It’s safe to say he’s in his bag with “Bowls” and “Broke” being two of his hottest tracks to date.

In addition to Haasan and Leano, Vintage Lee is another artist that added her own hit into the mix. The production on “My Own” is straight up masterful and she flows effortlessly over it. “These days I been coolin’ all on my own!” sounds Lee during the chorus, and that shit has me hitting the Uzi shoulder harder than Lil Uzi Vert himself. She’s had herself a busy year, and with the successful release of her debut mixtape PiMP and even placement on NBA 2k18’s soundtrack, she’s proven time and time again that she’s here to stay.

Huge shoutout to the Boston Music Awards for coming up with their 617Sessions Series, as its already showcased a tremendous amount of up-and-coming talent from the area. Be sure to listen to some of the other featured artists too, as they’re all extremely talented and putting on for the city in their own respects. Much love to everyone involved who brought this project to life. Stream the entirety of 617Sessions: Class of 2017 below: