Snowhaus – “Flick My Bic” [Official Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Western Massachusetts has proven to be home to a variety of highly-listenable artists over the years. Hailing from Hadley, Snowhaus make their debut onto the Graduation Music site today with the official music video for their brand-new track titled “Flick My Bic”.

Directed by Deadmall, the visuals for this release wonderfully encapsulate the rollicking energy that’s persistent throughout the song. Consisting of Nathan Galloway (Vocals/Guitar), Andrew Ring (Drums), and Nick Capezzuto (Bass), Snowhaus’ romantically-driven offering circulates itself around falling in love right in time for winter. Complete with playful lyrics and soaring instrumentation that becomes more indulgent with each listen, “Flick My Bic” is certainly a standout release within Snowhaus’ discography.

If you find yourself in the Amherst-area this Sunday (February 10th), pull up to the Emo Valentine Show which will feature a performance by Snowhaus.

Watch the official music video for “Flick My Bic” below:


Artem Bell – “Everyday” (Prod. NN481)

By: Shamus Hill

Graduation Music newcomer, Artem Bell, recently dropped off a new, NN481-produced track by the name of “Everyday”. The Massachusetts-native, now finding himself in LA, has been working tremendously hard throughout these last few months, and is slated to release his upcoming project Corduroy Dreams very soon. Playing the role of singer, engineer, and producer throughout his various pieces of work, Artem’s passion is easy to note on each new song, showing this hunger yet again on his latest offering.

What I really mess with the most about “Everyday” is how Bell quite literally seems to be floating on the beat. Following his latest release “Blackout” he’s on a roll right now, and I’m very excited to see what the kid is going to cook up next. He’s shown some truly tremendous growth since I first came across his music a few months back, and with that being said, he’s only going to continue developing his skill set as an artist. Another real one out of our beloved state.

Listen to “Everyday” by Artem Bell below:


By: Shamus Hill 

Perhaps my favorite track by NliteN to-date is “Foreign”, a song he released earlier this year and is back this week to revisit with complementary visuals. Alongside Black Shield Entertainment, the rising talent is back on our pages today to provide another eye-catching display of his sounds, reassuring fans that his versatile, in-your-face creative approach will be sure to make you an even bigger fan of the track than you already were. Typically vibrant and high-paced, NliteN’s videos offer an inside peek to his enthusiasm and ability to turn-up regardless of the scenario, just as he throws on display in “Foreign”.

Simply put, this young talent is one of the most hard-working individuals I’ve been blessed enough to come across; Every single time I see him he’s working on something new – a talent that has proved to help him tremendously as he continues to grow and develop as an artist and a person. I’m very excited to see what is next to come, and you should be, too. Get hip by clicking play on “Foreign” below:


By: Shamus Hill 

With the help of Brodly Inc’s Tom Leary, NliteN just dropped off some incredible visuals for his latest offering “MICHAEL JORDAN”. The self-produced track in itself is a hit, and with such a dope video complement it, I can’t wait to watch the numbers run up on this one.

NliteN is on a mission to get what’s his and no one is going to stop that, speaking to the subject matter of the song in all of its high-energy glory. Playing along with this, the trippy visuals feature the rising talent and his squad embracing the ample supply of hype with “MICHAEL JORDAN” as the audio backdrop. This is without a doubt one of my favorite videos to be released so far this year, and Tom Leary truly did a phenomenal job behind the lens. The talent is real, and to say I’m excited for what’s next to come would be an understatement.

If you’re in the Amherst area on November 14th, NliteN will be performing at Monkey Bar alongside Warren The Alchemist, so definitely come out and show some love if you can. Watch the video for “MICHAEL JORDAN” below: