Alejandro Blanco – ‘Risky Business’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Massachusetts offers an incredibly wide range of talented artists, and our goal here at Graduation Music is to shed light on as many of these acts as possible and get our readers hip to the next stars out of MA. That said, when it comes to the music scene in the state, one artist artist that you simply have to make sure you know goes by the name of Alejandro Blanco. You may remember him from the stellar project, AUGU$T, but even if you don’t, you should understand that this rising talent has been relentlessly churning out hits for quite some time now. He’s on a rapid ascent to the top, and making his case arrives a brand new EP today entitled Risky Business.

8 tracks long, this project is doused in the very artistic elements that made us fall in love with Alejandro Blanco’s music in the first place. His vocals remain at the intersection of sharp and smooth as ever, while lyrically, Blanco has only improved from his past offerings. Sonically, Risky Business finds its identity within the first three tracks, and from there, Blanco is able to remain is his bag while balancing a beautifully cohesive set of sounds on the production side of things at the very same time. In this way, the project is incredibly well put together, so make sure you show some love and click play at the link below. Alejandro Blanco is ready to be a star.

Production by LDG Beats, Love2x, SOUNDSBLVCEY, MORSHABZZ, Ricky Flaire, RoxburySound, and YOUNGINTRUE

The Top 50 New England Songs of 2017

By: Seamus Fay

Looking back, 2017 was a year of immense growth for New England and specifically Massachusetts’ budding music scene. We were fortunate enough to see the rise of many new talents as well as watch some of the more established artists prosper in their own ways, and frankly, it was inspiring to us to see the work that the artists, the producers, the photographers, the graphic designers, the mixers, the managers, etc. have been putting in. Without all of these people playing their respective roles, our scene wouldn’t be where it is today.

Having said that, we here at Graduation Music collaborated with Fresh Out The Mint to compile a list of the “Top 50 New England Songs of 2017” (in our humble opinion). Below is the playlist of all the tracks – enjoy!

Thank you sincerely to everyone for supporting us throughout 2017 and making our first full year as a blog a successful one. We greatly appreciate all the love and can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2018.  

  • Young Seuss – “123”
  • Big Leano – “Broke” [Prod. Tee-WaTT]
  • Vintage Lee – “Bless You” [Prod. Jew Paidro]
  • Millyz – “Lessons” [Prod. Achillies]
  • VALLEY – “Atari” [Prod. Stoop Kid]
  • Caliph & Jefe Replay – “The Mood” [Prod. Obeatz]
  • MyCompiledThoughts – “Romeo and Juliet”
  • Cousin Stizz – “Lambo”
  • DJ Lucas – “Doubt”
  • Lonny X – “Believe It” [Prod. Gravez]
  • Juxi – “Leave Me Alone” [Prod. Banbwoi]
  • Jiggz – “Excuses” [Prod. digitLIX]
  • KREW$ – “Dog Days” [Prod. DMND]
  • RAMS – “Disease!” [Prod. Maka]
  • Rothstein – “Jaded” ft. Supa Bwe [Prod. Shepard]
  • Patrick Michel – “Perfect” [Prod. GrandCruu]
  • Alejandro Blanco – “Give It To Her” [Prod. TFresh & SSB]
  • Jefe Replay – “Stay Ugly” [Prod. Humbeats]
  • Mizzie Cash – “Maneuvering” [Prod. Rob $urreal]
  • Lord Felix – “Power” ft. Marvelous Stefan [Prod. LoLoTheGod]
  • Plad Fine$$e – “Cheese” [Prod. 4oTo Roles]
  • Maye Star – “Adjacent” ft. CH!LD [Prod. Sevnth]
  • WHYTRI – “XURWIFI (Remix) ft. Lily Rayne [Prod. Cecil]
  • Stripes iii – “Henny Down” [Prod. K.C.B.]
  • Khary – “1-800-IDGAF” [Prod. Cloud Atrium]
  • SuperSmashBroz – “Replay Interlude” ft. Jefe Replay [Prod. LDG]
  • Michael Christmas – “Not The Only One” ft. Tobi Lou [Prod. Durkin]
  • $ean Wire – “Moonlight” [Prod. Tropicana Bwoy]
  • Pistola – “Jokes On You” [Prod. Stoop Kid]
  • CAVE – “Who’s Next” [Prod. Maka]
  • Maka & Durkin – “Waterworld”
  • Gio Dee – “Buzz Lightyear” [Prod. MLVN]
  • Humbeats – “Monday” ft. Austin Fair & TeaMarrr
  • StupidGenius – “Palm Trees” ft. Capito [Prod. Lil Rich & Gruca]
  • Garrett Merk – “Simple” [Prod. Frace]
  • Danny Diamonds – “Can’t Talk”
  • Gogo – “Cocaina”
  • Polo $ummers – “$ad Boi” [Prod. WaVe GoD]
  • SuperSmashBroz – “Still” ft. Big Leano & Vintage Lee [Prod. Tee-WaTT]
  • Haasan Barclay – “Live For You”
  • CHE – “Thii”
  • Avenue – “Ain’t Shit Funny” (Remix) ft. Prano, Millyz, Le$, Al-Doe & Chase N Cashe
  • Donald Grunge – “Shade” [Prod. Maka]
  • Boogie Da God – “Get Well Soon” ft. Jefe Replay
  • Marvelous Stefan – “Double Tap!” ft. Saint Lyor [Prod. Trevor Powers]
  • Black EL – “Another Dose” [Prod. Durkin]
  • $wooli – “Rainy Days” ft. Rachel Aiello
  • Rosewood Bape – “Miss Me” [Prod. Kin Rich]
  • TeaMarrr – “The One” [Prod. Ky Thompson & Keith Bell]
  • Michael Christmas – “Top Turnbuckle” ft. OG Swaggerdick

KHBelo – ‘When Things Go Green’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

KHBelo first entered my radar when his debut single “Designa” was sent to me via Twitter a while back. Not only was it entertaining, but Belo clearly showed his ability to deliver a charismatic approach that fans could relate to with ease. His music had a luxurious sound to it, and with flex-worthy verses to light the way, it all came into a blend of standout elements that were sure to hook me in.

Just a few months after the original single, the Boston artist is returning to our pages today with a 2-track EP titled When Things Go Green – which, might I add, might be one of my favorite project titles out of Boston all year. With features from KHLyor and Alejandro Blanco (alongside production credits from KHyoon, or Christian Yoon), this project is sure to turn heads in its effortless, smooth soundscape of luxury and ambition. It’s inspirational in approach and stylish in sound, enhancing both “Da Boy” and “SIP (Stuck In Park)” to another level with seamless deliveries and an overall intoxicating texture.

Clear improvements can be seen in just the 2 months between the first single to now on this EP as well, and Belo’s work ethic and infectious energy will be sure to serve him well as he keeps working in the future. He’s tightening up all the loose ends and by way of consistent, high-quality releases, Belo might just be getting ready for a steady ascent in Boston’s budding music scene. Get hip to the rising talent by clicking play on When Things Go Green below and keep an eye out for merch from the project coming soon.