MyCompiledThoughts – “Before” [Dir. @23×978]

By: Seamus Fay

MyCompiledThoughts — an artist of deep artistic vision, unwavering emotion, and most of all, an arsenal of talents that allows him to create some of the best art in MA right now. Today, Thoughts is making his way back to Graduation Music with a brand new video for none other than “Before”, a single from about 7 months back that remains one of my favorite offerings from Thoughts to date. Utilizing an incredibly catchy sample from Mac Demarco, this song will have you click replay again and again, so it only follows that it receives a well-deserved visual companion.

As described by MyCompiledThoughts himself, “Before” is “a staple into the feeling of nostalgia we’ve been experiencing“. The lyrics follow this up with reminiscent flashes back into the younger days of our lives, as the young artist lets out a magnificent bout of emotion when describing the things that formed his identity at such a young age. Visually, we see this through the lens of a miniDV camcorder that emphasizes the nostalgic feeling at hand. The song is brought to an entirely new level with short clips of the sights and surrounding that MyCompiledThoughts exists around, and all things considered, director  absolutely snapped with this one.

Check out “Before” at the link below!