ASH – “Motionless”

By: Seamus Fay

One of our leading assistants in music discovery here at Graduation Music goes by the tag name @gregisonfire. He’s always keeping an ear out for the talents that we’ll be talking all about tomorrow, and today, it seems he’s struck gold with the discovery of a Boston artist named ASH and her new single, “Motionless”. Paralyzing in its dreamy vocals and true-to-self lyricism, this track struck me as both inimitably authentic and incredibly well-executed, making it a must-listen for all of our readers out there.

While this is my first introduction to ASH’s music, it’s clear already that her creative vision is one purely genuine. Vocally, she reflects on this, offering experiential accounts on the theme of feeling as though you’re simply drifting along in life — “motionless”, as she deems it. Needless to say, this single speaks volumes in its 3 and a half minute duration, and ASH is certainly a talent to watch out for in the future. Get hip by listening to her latest at the link provided below!

BOUVÉ – “Off The Grid” [Prod. IAMNOBODI]

By: Seamus Fay

BOUVÉ is a blue-chip kind of talent. He’s always working toward bigger and better things as an artist, and today, this couldn’t be better exemplified than in his new single, “Off The Grid”. As he states it, BOUVÉ is doing great on his own and sounds sparked with a burst of refined creativity — a thematic lead to this song that explains his refreshing cadences over the crisp instrumentation.

Produced by IAMNOBODI, this track comes straight from the soul without deterring the vision that this MA artist has on his mind, and it couldn’t be better to hear as a fan. BOUVÉ has had quite the prosperous 2018, with “Off The Grid” helping to close things out on an incredible note. I can’t wait for what this rising talent has in store for 2019, so until then, let’s enjoy his musical presence and keep “Off The Grid” on repeat for the weeks to come!

DEADMALL – ‘Deadmall 1’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Here at Graduation Music, we’ve been covering an artist by the name of Gabe Gill for quite some time now. Gill’s inimitably clear creative vision has made him a beacon of artistic progression in recent months, and in usual fashion, he’s always creating, unveiling his latest creative venture on our pages today: a group by the name DEADMALL alongside fellow artist honeyfitz. Making their presence as a group known, they’re here with a 3-track EP entitled Deadmall 1.

Intricate in its sonic direction and impulsively abstract, this trio of songs sheds light on a well-executed bout of emotional lyricism and gentle production from the group. Their chemistry as musicians is truly second to none, and even when the music seems to take on an off-kilter pattern of style, neither of them fall behind, instead using their energy to push forward their ideas and create some beautiful sounds along the way. Deadmall 1 shows great promise for future releases, so check this one out at the link below and keep your eyes peeled for more from Deadmall hopefully in the near future!

Mixed by Rafael Moure // Mastered by Kevin Butler
Cover Photography by Jacob Bridgman
Cover Illustration by Matthew Bonneau

Donald Grunge – “Snake In My Boot [Prod. Mike Hector)]

By: Seamus Fay

Looking back at some of the Massachusetts artists who really proved their worth in 2018, Donald Grunge needs to be at the top of the list. The eclectic, hyper-creative rising talent never fails to trust his ear for making great music, and consequently, this characteristic has led to some truly impressive additions to Grunge’s catalog in recent months. Today, en route to the 11/30 release of his new project, Donald Grunge is making sure that fans control their anticipation, using an appetizer of a single entitled “Snake In My Boot” to do the trick as we count down the days until the full course.

Produced by none other than Mike Hector, this track uses a simplistic melody and bass-heavy, hard-nosed drum patterns to lay the ground for Grunge’s ranging set of cadences. As always, this choice of production brings out the best in Grunge, as he rides the instrumental with a wide variety of tones and flows to match such compelling lyricism. “Snake In My Boot” proves that we’re about to receive Grunge’s finest work to date, and personally, I can’t wait.

Mixed & Mastered by @BradFeeneyProd

Jonesy – “Aku” [Prod. PapaJxn]

By: Seamus Fay

Coming out of New Haven, Jonesy is an artist who tells it how it is. Lyrically, his character always remains intact no matter what subject matter he takes on, consequently marking him as an up-and-coming talent that Graduation Music has always made sure to pay attention to. Today, Jonesy is back on our pages with an incredible, PapaJxn-produced song entitled “Aku”. Referencing the classic show, Samurai Jack, this offering is sure to hit home with a number of readers, just as it did with me.

That said, the bellowing presence of soul in such a beautiful instrumental is what really makes “Aku” a must-listen. Per usual, Jonesy’s choice of production is seamlessly complementary to his skill set, and only adding fuel to the fire are laid-back deliveries and quotable bars that have remained stuck in my head since my very first listen. “Aku” is a highlight reel for Jonesy, and as such, I would highly recommend that all of our readers give this one a listen. Sit back and click play on this one at the link provided below:

$ean Wire – “Sincerely” [Prod. Tropicana Bwoy]

By: Seamus Fay

$ean Wire is one of those rare cases of an artist that doesn’t need to say much in order to speak volumes with his lyricism. His stories are simplistic but infinitely touching, and with the tint of soul that marks his signature style, this rising talent never fails to grab the listener’s attention and keep it, entirely undistracted for the duration of the song. Today, bringing his talents back into the spotlight, $ean Wire is here with a gorgeous new single entitled “Sincerely”, produced by Tropicana Bwoy.

As the title denotes, this song perfectly embodies sincerity. Wire speaks his mind on a plethora of issues and obstacles of life, and embedded with a mistrust that carries across the entire song, “Sincerely” proves to be a universally-applicable offering. In addition, given the fact that this is the MA native’s first release in quite some time, it’s important to note the development that Wire has undergone since we last heard him. As always, he’s taking his naturally-impressive talents to the next level, allowing for fans to witness this growth and fully embrace it. 

“Sincerely” is an impeccable track, so be sure to show some love and check it out at the link below:

Lil Cxxp – “Just Do It” [Prod. BruferrBeatz]

By: Seamus Fay

Lil Cxxp is certainly no stranger to our pages here at Graduation Music, and with enough emotion in his songs to captivate listeners for hours on end, this rising talent has more than deserved every word of coverage to date. Today, he’s here to keep the streak of incredible singles going with a brand new, BruferrBeatz-produced offering entitled “Just Do It”. As we’ve seen throughout the past few weeks, Cxxp is starting to gain some notoriety, so naturally, he’s here to exuberate an infectious sense of confidence that you can’t help but nod your head to.

This triumphant feeling is addictive to the ear of the listener, and especially when communicated with the signature, rawly-passionate style of Cxxp’s vocals, it can’t be looked at as anything less than inspiring. Lil Cxxp is one of Massachusetts’ brightest rising stars, with “Just DoIt” as undeniable proof. This MA representative is looking at a glass ceiling to the top, and while I can’t say I know what his future will be, I can say that all signs are pointing up.

Listen to “Just Do It” below and enjoy the unique talents of Lil Cxxp!

CHI – ‘B.O.M.B.’ [LP]

By: Seamus Fay

After the release of her collaborative project, Code Name: Girls Next Door, with Gin Mason and the SuperSmashBroz a few months back, CHI has been on our radar as one of the most talented young artists coming out of Boston right now. She holds no hesitation in communicating undiluted charisma in her rhymes, and by presenting herself so proudly and unapologetically, it’s easy for listeners to catch onto the wave after just one or two songs. Today, CHI is here to take the spotlight with an incredibly solid new LP entitled B.O.M.B, standing for the phrase “Back On My Bullsh*t”. Packed to the brim with features from some of Massachusetts’ finest as well as CHI’s best work to date, this project is a must-listen by every stretch of the words.

As noted in the description of the project on SoundCloud, CHI’s latest arrives as the following:





11 tracks long, I can’t say that I expected this LP out of CHI. Her artistry presents itself as refined as ever, and lyrically, she’s on an entirely new level that I didn’t even know the Boston talent was capable of. B.O.M.B. is clear-minded and strong in its ways, acting as a tale of self-love and self-discovery. Verse after verse, hook after hook, line after line, CHI is sure to keep these themes at the forefront of the subject matter, so effortlessly weaving in and out of beats with songs that I won’t be taking off of repeat for quite some time. That said, this is truly one of the best projects I’ve heard out of Boston all year long. CHI is ready to take her well-deserved spot at the top, so step out of the way and let her work the magic that she’s so clearly capable of. The future is bright for Boston’s own.

Click play on B.O.M.B. at the link provided below:

Mixed and Mastered by James Alcott
Production via MIGLADI, Donato, Christian Yoon, Obleeque, Suspicious Person, Z-Will

Daily Discovery: Kaz Moon

By: Seamus Fay

At the very heart of Graduation Music is music discovery, and today, we have an incredibly special new find to unveil to our readers in the form of Kaz Moon and his latest project, Summerbug. Stumbling upon this one a few weeks back via SoundCloud, Moon’s mature level of artistry is what truly brought me in as a listener right off of the bat. The casual wisdom of his lyrics ranges far beyond the rising talent’s years, providing a unique perspective on life that any listener can relate to. Summerbug is simple in this way, even while willfully delving below the surface and making for one of the most refreshing projects I’ve heard in all of 2018.

That said, the importance of an EP such as this one best arrives in the emotional response that it yields. In just 6 songs, Moon is able show listeners valleys and mountains of feeling, navigating through the both of them with wide eyes and a special knack for translating emotion into lyrics. Whether he drifts through love, confronts life and death, contemplates legacy, or takes any number of other paths, Moon does so on his own terms. He willfully blurs the lines between dreams and reality, mixing heavenly instrumentals with candid, captivating accounts of life and all of its ups and downs. With this, the Summerbug artist proves to be a remarkably developed talent both sonically and stylistically.

The world is in Kaz Moon’s hands, and deserving of some serious noise with this project, I fully believe that he’s capable of doing big things in the near future. Enjoy Summerbug in all of its dreamy glory at the link provided below:

Cave – “I Love It” Freestyle

By: Seamus Fay

Just a few weeks back, upon the release of Kanye West and Lil Pump’s new song (and viral video), “I Love It”, the internet was caught in a disarray. The track itself is quite… interesting… but with a solid bassline and smooth instrumental, it definitely holds the potential to be taken a number of different directions when placed in the right hands.

Proving that he’s just the right artist for the job, Graduation Music favorite Cave is here today with his own take over the song — fittingly entitled “Quick F**k”. Doused in vivid lyrics and rattled off flows, Cave truly shows out in this offering, and with a charismatic set of visuals to match, he makes sure that he brings out the full potential of “I Love It” in all of its addictive glory. Also notable, the rising talent wears a cardigan in the video as a tribute to Kanye’s earlier days. From top to bottom, this is a must watch.

Show some love by clicking play below and like/retweet the link to help spread Cave’s greatness even further!

Daily Discovery: KingFrom98

By: Jake O’Brien

Putting all hometown bias aside, today’s Daily Discovery is focused on Boston native Kingfrom98. Around a year ago, this young musician had no real intentions of getting involved in rapping, or the making of music in general. But, as some close friends began to take the idea of a career in music much more serious, he was persuaded to try his hand at creating a song. Since then, Kingfrom98 has blown through a majority of his competition in and around the city of Boston. The incredibly short amount of time it has taken King to create a name for himself in the 617 is something we just cannot overstate, because this early measure of success is just a small preview of what we are sure is to come.

Delivering his lyrics with a level of rich, passive-aggression, Kingfrom98’s words carry a palpable amount of weight as they are verbalized. When combined with a seemingly limitless supply of bars, King’s vocals create a lasting impression on all who listen to his music. As he begins to build a name for himself on social media, we fully expect his following to take off on a larger scale sooner rather than later.

King’s most popular release, a single titled “Seeing Us”, has amassed a whopping 75 thousand plays on Soundcloud and is undoubtedly a major factor in the rapid progress his music has attained. Not only is “Seeing Us” a song that exemplifies the abundant energy brought to the mic by Kingfrom98, but it is also an anthemic track that gives its listeners a hard time in resisting the urge to jump along with the song’s beat and hook. “Seeing Us” also features two other artists, D-Sounds and Steviel, and both give substantial verses that maintain the overall vibe of the song established by Kingfrom98 and producer Deciccio. This is one artist you don’t want to overlook, so make sure you take a peek at his Soundcloud as soon as you get the opportunity!

Garrett Merk – “Pipsqueak” [Prod. Frace]

By: Seamus Fay

In my nearly two years writing for Graduation Music, few artists have exhibited the same level of growth and development as an artist by the name of Garrett Merk. In all honesty, Merk’s relentless vocal talents and enthusiastic attitude make him an easily lovable act, but even aside from the public eye, it’s clear that this rising talent is putting in his hours and truly striving to make some timeless music. Today, he’s back on our pages once again to take yet another step toward stardom with a stellar new track entitled “Pipsqueak”.

Produced by Frace, this song takes listeners back to the basics in the Boston artist’s career. He sheds light on the idea of staying true to oneself and the values that he was raised with, making sure to remain focused and simply stay the course on his rapid ascent to the top. Backed by a spine of infectious guitar riffs and hard-hitting drum patterns, this track holds the potential to do some serious numbers, so make sure you get hip early. Garrett Merk might just be up next out of Boston and we here at Graduation Music can’t wait.

Listen to the anthemic single, “Pipsqueak”, at the link below:

Produced by Frace 
Mixed by Sparemonkey
Artwork by Dalton Green