By: Seamus Fay

If there are two people out of Boston that understand the culture best, it’s Reef and Sam Martin of STRAWS – just look at Reef’s mixes and Sam’s clothes for reference. Today, we get to see these knowledgeable powerhouses join forces in a soulful showcase of energy with their new mix simply entitled “STRAWS X REEF”. And let me tell you, this duo could not have picked a better soundtrack to communicate the waves that each hold in their own respects, so don’t sleep.

“STRAWS X REEF” is curated perfectly with vintage energy and a homely feel, making it one my personal favorites out of Reef’s extensive catalog of dope mixes at the moment. It’s one of the rare cases where the artwork for the track actually illustrates the sounds with seamless chemistry, and from the first second to the last, this mix is a cohesive masterpiece that everyone should hear in all of its soulful, groove-filled glory.

Read our interview with Reef here and read our interview with Sam here! Show some love and give the latest mix from STRAWS and REEF a listen below:


Dreaveli – “4SURE” [Mix]

By: Seamus Fay

The art of creating a mix is to find just the right mixture of unique sounds that come together and create a specific mood. One DJ that has seemingly mastered this skill is Dreaveli – a well-known name around Boston as Big Leano’s sidekick and a definite standout name within the local scene. His latest offering, “4SURE”, proves this prowess, offering fans a blend of hits from Lucki, KEY!, Young Thug, Wiz Khalifa, and a plethora of other names and songs to get familiar with.

Don’t sleep on this one, listen to “4SURE” at the link below and stay updated on Dreaveli by following him on Twitter here!

Reef – “Bright” [Mix]

By: Seamus Fay

There’s truly no better way to start your week off on the right note than with a brand new mix from REEF. Known to supply the energy at any chance he takes, this promising young DJ has established his prowess as an entertainer within Boston and beyond mix after mix, and today, he’s ready to keep the stocks rising with his latest offering, “BRIGHT.”

This mix acts as the perfect soundtrack as we transition from the winter months into the spring, so if you’re in a good mood, I recommend throwing this on to start your day off happy. Listen to “BRIGHT.” below and check out more mixes from REEF here!

SuperSmashBroz – “AfroVibes Volume 3” [Mix]

By: Seamus Fay

It comes as no secret by now that Boston-based DJ duo, the SuperSmashBroz, are capable of getting the vibes right in any function. Having said that, their unique ability to not only recognize the energy at a given show or event, but also adjust to this feeling and perform with such calculated precision is quite simply unrivaled. Today, the SmashBroz showcase this very skill and return to Graduation Music yet again with the release of their latest mix, “AfroVibes Volume 3”.

As always, this collection of hits channels a very specific mood, and with a brilliant supply of infectious, dance-based songs to lead the way, the mix establishes itself as another fantastic release from the city’s favorite brotherly duo. Get your afro vibes right and listen to the latest from the SuperSmashBroz at the link below!

LoLoTheGod – “Vitality” [Mix]

By: Seamus Fay

If you have seen the lineups of any local shows recently, you may have noticed Brockton producer LoLoTheGod credited as one of the DJs for the event – a venture of this multitalented creative that is definitely proving itself to be a power move as of yet. Today, to further solidify his tastemaking skills while giving the streets something to keep on repeat for the weeks to come, LoLo just released his first mix titled “Vitality”.

Consistently supplying banger after banger with seamless transitions to smooth things over, this mix includes some of our favorites songs of today, both mainstream and local, while achieving a perfect mix of the two. “Vitality”s high energy approach and infectious style is most definitely indicative of the heat that LoLo has in store, and although he hasn’t specified anything new coming soon, be sure to look out for more from one of Brockton’s most promising young talents as we round the corner into the new year. Something tells me that this is just the beginning.

Maka & Durkin – “Another Island Mix”

By: Seamus Fay

This past summer, in a successful attempt to transport listeners to a distant place musically, Boston artists Durkin and Maka blessed us with a 5-song EP titled Another Island. Rich with intoxicating styles and tropical sounds, the project most certainly achieved its purpose, soundtracking the summer with radiating energy and a sharp ear for eccentric sounds to fuel the warm energy throughout.

Today, Durkin and Maka are back to revisit their joint EP with the official “Another Island Mix”, meant to show fans some of the music that the two young talents were listening to during the creation of the project. It certainly puts things in perspective in terms of the headspace that the dynamic duo were able to make such a tropical masterpiece out of, and arriving to us via Bodega Pirate Radio, this mix will certainly make its rounds as a thoroughly-selected collection of songs to use whenever you need to transport out of Boston’s cold winters into a tropical getaway.

It’s interesting to hear the inspiration behind such a unique project, and I highly recommend clicking play on the “Another Island Mix” below to further the listening experience next time you choose to revisit the EP. Durkin and Maka are a duo that refuse to be ignored, so don’t sleep.

SuperSmashBroz – ‘Get Your Vibes Right Vol. 6’ [Mix]

By: Seamus Fay

Fresh off of an incredible set at Cousin Stizz’s homecoming House of Blues show, Roxbury DJ duo, the SuperSmashBroz, are back on our pages today with their sixth volume of the ever-popular Get Your Vibes Right mix series.

Proving time and time again that their intoxicating energy can effortlessly shut down any venue, this mix’s unique selection of hits not only from national stars, but also from some of Boston’s most promising talents, sets forward an energetic image of the success that the SuperSmashBroz have seen as of late. Their stocks are rising, and the music they chose for the mix definitely reflects this ambitious, exciting energy in a way that any listener can resonate with.


Additionally, starting just after the 19-minute mark, the Smashbroz threw in a complementary, Meltycanon-produced Michael Christmas exclusive potentially coming off of the Boston rapper’s forthcoming album. Bubbling with positive energy over the sparkling production, this track looks to its carefree vibe to effectively create an entirely new atmosphere of uplifting moods, setting the tone for what seems to be shaping up to be quite a project from Christmas.

I’ll defintiely be keeping this mix on the shortlist when in need of music for any upcoming functions, and I highly recommend you do the same. Get Your Vibes Right mixes have almost become staples of the music culture here in Boston, so don’t sleep on the sixth volume – click play below.