Gengis Don – “B4 (For Jobim)

By: Seamus Fay

For those who have been following Graduation Music for a minute now, the name Gengis Don should certainly seem recognizable, as we’ve covered this rising talent multiple times in the nearly two years of our site’s existence. However, for those who aren’t familiar, this is your lucky day as Don drops off his latest offering, “B4 (For Jobim)”. Purely instrumental, this beautiful song is meant to honor the Brazilian artist Antônio Carlos Jobim, doing so by way of sampled-production and a joyous mood.

With that said, Don puts his beats on SoundCloud quite often so any fans already know that he’s incredibly talented. Despite holding previous knowledge of his abilities, though, this song, in particular, still shocks me as a testament to how far he can take his artistry. Gengis Don is able to cover all bases and bring to fruition any vibe he feels like, and based on the crisp drumlines and hypnotic sample on “B4 (For Jobim)”, it goes without saying that he’s quite creative in the process.

This is yet another stellar beat to add to the rising talent’s collection, so honor Antônio Carlos Jobim, show some love to Gengis Don, and click play on “B4 (For Jobim)” at the link below!


[PREMIERE] Humbeats – ‘#FutureHumV3’

By: Seamus Fay

Simply put, Randolph producer Humbeats is an absolute workaholic. With credits encapsulating a scope of artists including Millyz, Austin Fair, Blackheart, XNDRSOUND, and more, his production skills have become some of the most prominent in the state, and quite frankly, the stocks are only rising with each successive placement that he receives — a sure sign that Hum is on the road to big things. Today, we here at Graduation Music have the pleasure and privilege to introduce Humbeats’s latest beat tape, #FutureHumV3.

We have been covering songs produced by this promising talent since the very beginnings of our blog, and to see all the growth that Humbeats has undergone as well as being able to collaborate with him for a premiere is truly a full circle moment. That said, the Randolph native’s latest is a culmination of sounds that perfectly reflect this growth. He brings forth other-worldly melodies while supplying an additive of knocking kicks, rhythmic hi-hats and more, only to develop a futuristic soundscape that truly does reflect the presence of “Future Hum”.

That being said, if there’s anyone who is leading the charge of Massachusetts artists toward national recognition right now, its Humbeats, blessing everyone with the beat for their next hit song.

Listen to #FutureHumV3 at the link below and buy beats here!

Durkin – “How I Like It”

By: Seamus Fay

The warm weather is approaching and with that, it only makes sense that Durkin is here to bless us with brand new heat to soundtrack the coming spring and summer months. Today, he hits our pages with “How I Like It” –  a brand new remix of Drake’s hit song “God’s Plan”. This may be a bold venture to take on at face value considering how good the original song is, but in all honesty, I believe that Durkin did his magic as always and really made sure that he breathed new life into the song’s energy.

Between nifty cuts as well as a clear knack for fitting the percussion to the sample perfectly, this fresh take on the hit is a perfect way to get into the mood of the season. It’s a perfect remix to play at any upcoming functions you may have, and with this, we see the marriage between Durkin’s two sides as a producer and DJ on this one. He clearly understands how to garner both attention and energy easily, with “How I Like It” as the prime example.

Give it a listen below and check out more from the Boston talent by checking out his SoundCloud here!

Teddy Ruck-Spin – ‘The Alpine Collection’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

Checking my inbox this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a dope new beat tape from Newton producer Teddy Ruck-Spin. And I must say, matched with two impressive guest appearances from Chase Murphy’s vocals and Richard Park’s production, it’s certainly something special. Although I may not have been hip to Ruck-Spin’s music until now, it goes without saying that this rising talent can certainly do some damage on the boards, and throughout the wide variety of sounds featured on The Alpine Collection, was able to prove his musical prowess in an infectious manner.

With that being said, the elements that attracted me most to Ruck-Spin’s production style were its personality and illustrative capabilities. Not only was the MA producer able to showcase a very specific charisma on this tape, but he was also able to paint a vivid picture of life in the alpines, hence the title. Doing so Ruck-Spin was able to catch our attention, and now that he’s on our radar, we will certainly be keeping an eye on the Newton native in the future. With that, The Alpine Collection is a very strong collection of intoxicating sounds from front to back, so be sure to show some love and give it a listen below.


By: Seamus Fay

MA producer Kiron Akil is one of those names that you simply can’t ignore once you give them a listen. His versatile talents and carefully selected textures and sounds make for both entertaining and interesting tracks each and every time, and once I heard his latest offering, “SUPATRAPA”, the other day, I simply couldn’t stop clicking replay.

This beat takes Future’s “Super Trapper” and turns it into a tropical array of bright sounds and infectious melodies, held together with innocent keys that make “SUPATRAPA” a must listen. Having said that, I definitely recommend checking out Akil’s other work as well – he’s one of the most promising young producers in MA and I’m happy to have discovered him. Check out “SUPATRAPA” below.