Count Shocks Fans With New Snippet

By: Chris Durkin

Becoming somewhat of a frequent flyer here at Graduation Music, Count is back yet again on our pages today with another snippet from his seemingly endless vault of hits. The Boston native is evolving as an artist more and more every day without any signs of slowing down, and by way of a high quality, consistent output of releases, he’s looking at a bright future ahead of him.

Considering one of our latest posts for Count consisted of three completely different song snippets, I personally needed to reach out to Count to find out how he does it for this one. He then made it clear that he has a lot of depth in his vault but that depth is only because he strongly believes in putting out the best project possible. If he isn’t seeing the vision, he won’t release a song, but will instead keep it in the vault, put his head down, and keep working.

This snippet was released to the FOV Records Instagram account and potentially went under the radar for some of Count’s fans, but trust me when I say that won’t be the case for long. I personally sense a smash hit even with such a small hint of its full-blown potential and I’m sure his fans can back me up on that. Make sure to keep an eye out for this upcoming release from Count and check out the snippet below:


Count – “Bangin’ On My Doe” [Prod. Dee B]

By: Chris Durkin

Currently on a run of solid music to keep the streets hot, Count is solidifying himself as one of Boston’s finest upcoming artists. After numerous teases all over his social media, the rising talent dropped the cover art for his new single “Bangin’ On My Doe” to his Instagram and followed that up with a set time for the release on his story just a few days ago. With fans eager to get a listen awaiting the new track, Count decided to drop the Dee B-produced track 15 minutes prior to set release which stirred up the chaos behind the drop for certain. This latest offering gives us insight into the life of the local talent as he continues to deliver numerous poetic charms and soothing melodies, again and again.

To keep it simple, “Bangin’ On My Doe” is the one. Count’s artistry is improving with every release, but this one might just be his most promising single as of yet – and that’s a lot considering all the other heat he has blessed us with in the past. Additionally, with all the snippets that he has been releasing, how many hits does Count have in the vault? We can’t answer that, but we can tell you that he has no shortage of heat ready to go. Listen to “Bangin’ On my Doe” below:

HilFiger – “Up”

By: Chris Durkin

Fields Corner native HilFiger just released an infectious, up-tempo new track titled “Up” that you simply need to hear. With a melodic approach to crafting a banger, this track gives us a taste of the “Up” that makes its way into HilFiger’s everyday life. That being said, whether it’s his drank getting poured up or making his way up to the top in music, it is clear that going up is all that’s on HilFiger’s mind. His stock is rising quick, so join him on his ascent to the top and listen to his latest offering below:

Count Previews Multiple New Tracks on Instagram

By: Chris Durkin

Boston artist Count reached out to Instagram early on in the evening yesterday with some snippets of what he has in store for his fans. Giving us a big taste of new music that is for sure to stick in the heads of listeners until its release, Count shows great creativity and versatility in these previews. Hopefully, this means that the young talent is almost finished with his forthcoming album, destined to put you on your heels. Listen to the three snippets via Count’s Instagram story below and get ready for one of Boston’s hidden gems to let the world know who he is.

ZachyyyP x Phill Mycup x Don Dzy – With Me [Music Video]

By: Chris Durkin

Promising local acts ZachyyyP, Phill Mycup, and Don Dzy, are here today to link for an impressive release titled “With Me”. At face value, it will never cease to catch you grooving, even when at your worst. The trio (or better yet, trifecta) also offered fans some outstanding FitzTheRunaway directed-visuals to complement the intoxicating melody with seamless precision. With this, the reoccurring name exhibits his capability to bring these energetic songs to life with his miraculous camera work and fitting treatments of color and mood.

Aside from its standout visuals, the dynamic work of the three artists in “With Me” simply refuses to be shadowed. In the midst of their first local tour throughout New England, Phill Mycup and Don Dzy joined forces on ZachyyyP’s track to give fans a taste of their signature talents and noteworthy abilities beneath great chemistry and an overall well-chosen lineup. Watch the official video for the hot new track “With Me” below and don’t sleep on a few of Boston’s rising names.


Corey Lavish – “Silver Flask”

By: Chris Durkin

Corey Lavish recently released an impressive single titled “Silver Flask” that is just about guaranteed to catch you pressing replay. The Boston artist effortlessly switches back and forth between flows within individual lines, describing his current intentions and future with easily accessible lyrics – possibly because of an incentive fueled by some quality liquor and the bottom of a silver flask. Put on full display with this track, Lavish is creating a wave for himself with an extensive arsenal of flows and an infectious vibe.

“Silver Flask” exhibits the originality and potential of Corey Lavish’s sound, and with this, I would say the future is bright for such a natural artist. He possesses the ability to create an original and addicting sound, and growing and prospering seem to be in the rising talent’s agenda. Familiarize yourself with Lavish and listen to “Silver Flask” below.

Taryn Blaine – “Diddy Kong In Blue Lagoon”

By: Chris Durkin

Boston artist and F.O.V. member Taryn Blaine just delivered a fresh new single titled “Diddy Kong In Blue Lagoon”. This track engulfs listeners with the organic sound of Blaine’s nostalgic vocals and playful delivery, featuring an alternative sound that’s expansive and freewheeling in nature and best relatable to a strange trip. With these aspects highlighted, “Diddy Kong In Blue Lagoon” wastes no time in connecting with every listener’s childhood by way of references to your favorite tv shows, fictional characters, and even video games.

The deeply-cut track is a miraculous release from Taryn Blaine and I’m confident in saying that it can hit home for any listener because of its infectious flute-melodies and nostalgic approach. The scene has not heard enough of this well-rounded artist and with “Diddy Kong In Blue Lagoon” as proof, I don’t recommend sleeping on him. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for Taryn and the rest of F.O.V. as they establish their rise. Click play on “Diddy Kong In Blue Lagoon” below.

Basement – Facts (Prod. DRKNGHT)

By: Chris Durkin

Making his long overdue reappearance into the music industry, Everett artist Basement is back in the light with his hot new track “Facts”. Featuring smooth vocals and an effortless chorus, the rising talent gives us a hint as to what he’s been up to outside of the industry. Simply put, “Facts” tells the story of an attempt to secure his bag and stay away from the posers, attracting fans with an infectious and digital flow thanks to fitting production from DRKNGHT – a reoccurring name here at Graduation Music.

Basement sure has a lot of things going for him outside of the music industry, but it’s great to see him go back to his roots a bit as a musician. He has been apart of the local music scene for a while now, even inspiring others locally to join along on the journey. This standout talent is ready to shine, so show him some love by giving “Facts” a listen below.

Arkh Zeus – “When” ft. Phill Mycup

By: Chris Durkin

Everett native Arkh Zeus is here to add some more elegance to his ranging arsenal of slow jams with his latest release “When”. The standout track is fueled by true and deep emotion, and with a slow tempo to match the smooth chorus, Zeus really seems to put the listener in his shoes. His poetic lyrics do an exceptional job of setting a distinct “in my feelings” vibe in the mind of any listener, furthered by a feature from none other than Phill Mycup.

The guest verse watches the rising artist venture out of his comfort zone with a softer approach to his vocals in a way that really pays off. Together the two artists amplify the song with ample emotion and do a superior job at creating a song that can really play with your heartstrings. I personally feel like “When” is a must add to everyone’s “in my feelings” playlist, so click play below and see for yourself:

DRKNGHT – “I Know” ft. Count

By: Chris Durkin

DRKNGHT and Count are blessing Boston’s ears with their newest offering “I Know”. Heavily anticipated due to numerous teases across both artists’ social media platforms, it’s almost a sense of relief that the release day is finally here. DRKNGHT displays his talents as a full-fledged producer with the way he fits this beat almost perfectly to the likings of Count. Being able to depict the proper artist for a potential project is never easy, but DRKNGHT had the knowledge to know this was the perfect production for the budding talent… and that it is.

On “I Know”, Count delivers nothing but his best, dancing on the beat with mesmerizing harmony – a guarantee from an artist of this caliber on all occasions. This feature is just another example of his development into the artist everyone has on their playlist, and it should not be the last time we get to hear the collaboration of DRKNGHT and Count. The duo seems to have huge potential with just how perfectly capable they are of combining both of their talents, and I’m excited for what they have in store. Listen to “I Know” below:

CGF Productions previews Phill Mycup’s potential.

By: Chris Durkin

Early on in the week, CGF Productions’ musical engineer and producer, Toso, took to Twitter with a preview of what he has in the vault for his dedicated fan base. Simply captioned “@PhillMycup”, the 10-second preview took place in CGF’s studio and oozed of the creativity that Toso seems to always bring to the plate. In the dim studio lighting stood the silhouette of Phill Mycup, nodding his head to a mumbled flow in the background of the beat. Based on what we’re hearing, the rising artist seems to be bringing out a side that no one has seen of him yet in the music industry.

This beat seemed to be a little bit different from the usual energetic, dancehall music CGF Productions tends to put out, leaning towards a darker “drill” type beat. Your everyday rapper would usually have a trouble with such a transition, but with a composer of Phill Mycup’s talents, I can see why CGF decided to test the boundaries. The grounds seem to be endless using this video as a reference, so expect whatever is on the way to be great.

CountFOV is feeling “Like A Star” with his latest release.

By: Chris Durkin

Rising Boston artist CountFOV is back and better than ever after what seemed to be a leave of absence from the game as he pursues the completion of his forthcoming album. His newest offering “Like A Star” definitely brings the originality, flow, and intoxicating melodies that are apparent in all of his work, and with the single being dropped before an expected album release, you can predict that the album to be dropped sooner than later. When shared to Count’s Twitter feed, he simply captioned the tweet “you can have this”. He’s confident in himself and his music, and rightfully so; The rising artist definitely has the talent to back it up.

Count has already guaranteed remastered songs from previous years (circa ’16) to be included on the album such as “Love Me Now” – a track that many people would mark as some of his best work to date. Knowing how much the young talent has evolved as an artist, it’s clear that the revamped and remastered version will be insane. The diligence behind CountFOV’s work is what makes him significant, and knowing he was able to offer fans a song with a song as high-quality as “Like A Star” just reiterates the point that Count’s album will be worth keeping an eye out for. Listen to the single below and get familiar with one of Boston’s hidden gems.