Cashus Knight – ‘CASH THE RIPPER’ EP

By: Shamus Hill

Cashus Knight blesses fans with an entirely self-produced EP titled Cash The Ripper. Containing a range of tracks that circulate around Cashus’ recent mind state, this project is extremely thorough and well-deserving of praise.

“I ain’t go to school, I studied the cash flow // she call it cash..whoa, she fuckin’ with Cash oh”

Cashus Knight – “I’M BETTER THAN YOU”

“I’M BETTER THAN YOU” is the first track off of the EP, and it’s here where the energy for the remainder of the project can be derived. Cashus Knight’s confidence exudes on this track, as he speaks on the individualistic traits that make him the solid-being that he is.

From here, Cashus reverts to a much more rap-centric style, with songs like “KILL SHOT” and “OVERTIME” serving as evidence of his stunning rapping capabilities. With a lot of his discography being centered around melody, Cashus steps away from that on this EP. Quite literally demanding the respect of his peers through his raps, Cash The Ripper is a true testament towards Cashus’ versatility.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cashus Knight’s music, please take the time to check out this project as you will not be disappointed. His name will surely be circulated a lot around the Massachusetts music scene this year, so get hip now before it’s too late.

Listen to Cash The Ripper below:



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