Weekly Discovery: Mosa

By: Jake O’Brien

The transformation of Boston, Massachusetts into a hub of musical culture has given local media outlets a plethora of skilled lyricists, dedicated rappers, and impressive vocalists to both write about and enjoy. As the city continues to flourish, the appreciation for the artists present within the local scene has soared to new heights.

One relatively new artist from the city that has been doing his best to push the 617 area code forward is Mosa. This Boston-bred artist has kept his foot on the gas for the majority of his life, and has been on a continuous pursuit towards evolution within his discography. In a recent conversation with Graduation Music, Mosa revealed that his attraction to music began when he was very young. At just 9 years old, he started to write verses and experiment with rhymes. With time, Mosa explained, his love for music only grew stronger, which eventually led to him recording his first track at the age of 14. Mosa began to develop an ambitious mindset towards music at a very early stage in his life, and it truly helped to shape the career that he’s in possession of today. Some of his past achievements include opening for both PNB Rock and ABoogie, growing a devoted fan base via social media, and receiving countless cosigns from many of Massachusetts’ most talented artists.

In 2018, his main focus circulated around feeding his audience a consistent stream of high quality singles, while intentionally straying away from features. By remaining relatively independent, Mosa created a solid foundation for himself, and thus attracted more exposure to his music. One single that truly kick-started his success was a song titled “Adrenaline”. This track was released by Mosa in the Summer of 2018, and is a perfect example of the versatility he provides as an artist. The mellow production style of the  “Adrenaline” beat presents Mosa with an opportunity to deliver laid-back bars and speak honestly to his listeners. The hook of the track is incredibly catchy, and assists in showcasing the vocal capabilities Mosa has present within his musical arsenal. The content of this chorus is mainly focused on the many different realizations that Mosa has arrived at in life, specifically regarding both his work ethic and the fact that he can never imagine himself becoming “irrelevant”. In each of the verses on “Adrenaline”, Mosa uses soft vocals to thoughtfully spit bars which cover various subjects.

For many of our followers, this article is less of introduction to Mosa, and more of a reminder of how skilled he really is. It’s only right that we show our respect to such an extremely talented musician out of Boston. Some things that we can expect to see from Mosa this year include the release of his debut album, as well as the sale of personal merchandise.

Be sure to check out “Adrenaline” and some of Mosa’s other tracks below. We hope you enjoyed this week’s Weekly Discovery, and we’ll see you again next week!


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