Rory Lyon – “Mary Jane” (Audio/Visual)

By: Shamus Hill

Boston-transplant Rory Lyon recently released her debut single, “Mary Jane”, alongside an eye-popping visual at the hands of Logan Wilder. This intoxicating song is an exceptional beginning to Rory’s discography, representing the start of what’s looking like will be a prosperous musical career.

Rory Lyon is originally from Baltimore, however finds herself in Boston as a student at Berklee College of Music. With the abundant amount of artists that are already from the Boston area, many forget about the hotbed of talent that exists within the Berklee student body. Rory Lyon is a shining example of such talent, with “Mary Jane” serving as the prime piece of evidence.

As the title suggests, “Mary Jane” circulates around Rory’s love for ~smoking loud~, and how it seemingly comforts her when no one else is capable of doing so. This track is extremely colorful and vibrant, so it was only right that its release was accompanied by an equally bright visual. Logan Wilder is an extremely talented photographer/videographer from Boston, and “Mary Jane” was one of his most satisfying pieces of work to-date. Logan was successfully able to add an additional layer of likability to this song, with the video helping to reinforce the overall feeling that can be derived from the track.

“Mary Jane” is a jolt of warm, positive energy from Rory Lyon, something that’s especially necessary for listeners as we find ourselves in the middle of the coldest stretch of the year. Find some time to give this release a listen, and make sure to keep Rory Lyon on your radar as the remainder of 2019 unfolds.

Watch the video for “Mary Jane” down below:



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