Mike Fellow – “+ song” (Prod. Trey Graves)

By: Shamus Hill

Mike Fellow’s latest release, “+song”, is a personal offering that paints listeners a crisp vision of the Newton-artist’s mindset as he enters 2019. Dropped after a state of stagnancy, Fellow wants fans to know that he won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Upon first listen, I was instantly blown away by the production capabilities that Trey Graves has in his possession. One of Mike Fellow’s positive attributes has always been beat selection, with “+song” aligning perfectly with the remainder of his discography.

As the track progresses, Fellow takes plenty of time to assert the fact that he understands how much work lies ahead of him. He’s tired of people continuously reminding him of this too. He’s worked tirelessly in order to achieve everything that he has thus far in life, but also understands the fact that he needs to unwind in order to be mentally prepared for what’s ahead. With the new year just beginning, it’s becoming apparent that Mike Fellow has the remedy to see even more success in 2019.

In his second verse, Mike Fellow references a period in his life during the past year where he endured an extremely dark state:

"last year this time
i was in a bedroom with closed blinds
white walls
no designs
sittin on my ass until dinner time n sayin im fine
but now im on my bullshit so dont talk about decline"

This portion of the track is extremely important to listen to, especially if you’re someone who’s found themselves enduring similar circumstances. Mike Fellow is living proof that you’re never alone, and that there’s always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. As long as we possess the strength to persevere, there’s no amount of evil in this world that we can’t overcome. Mike Fellow displays the power behind his raps once again, so be sure to give this release a listen so you can experience said power for yourself .

Listen to “+song” below:

Artist: Mike Fellow

Production: Trey Graves


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