FAbzabove – “The Rush” (Prod. StoopKid)

By: Shamus Hill

FAbzabove and StoopKid make their return to the Graduation Music site today, this time with an ambient release titled “The Rush”. The last time this pair combined forces was on FAbzabove’s “3x”, an addictive track that debuted in August of 2017. Putting an end to the collaborative hiatus between the pair, both FAbzabove and StoopKid have put their best foot forward, making “The Rush” a solid offering to start off the year.

If you’re someone that avidly listens to FAbzabove’s discography, you’ll note the fact that this offering is a switch-up in his typical sound. For the most part, FAbzabove’s music is very energetic and in-your-face, however this is not the case with “The Rush”. He takes time to hone his melodic presence on this track, diving into the feelings accompanied by a sudden “rush” of love. Simply put, “The Rush” is a beautiful piece of work that will be sure to stand-out amongst the remainder of FAbzabove’s collection of releases.

Listen to “The Rush” below:

Artist: FAbzabove

Production: StoopKid

Mix/Master: Brad Feeney + Chuck Kennedy

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