Rothstein – “endless winter freestyle” (Prod. fallen atom)

By: Shamus Hill

Rothstein graces the Graduation Music site once again, this time with his warming new release “endless winter freestyle”. Wonderfully entangling the coziness of the season within the reflective attitudes that the end of the year brings to light, “endless winter freestyle” serves as the perfect soundtrack for your last days of 2018.

Cambridge’s Rothstein has had himself quite the year, as he’s successfully delivered fans his debut album, HIGH WATER, and received over a million streams on his music. Despite his successes though, Rothstein seemingly struggles with whether or not he’s on the correct path in life. While understanding that he’s certainly been making strides towards the fulfillment of his dreams, the end of the year always has us second guessing the true importance of our accomplishments. Finding comfort in discomfort is ultimately the silver lining of “endless winter freestyle”. We may not be 100% sure of what we’re doing in the moment, but as long as we move with our best foot forward, only good things are sure to come.

Every time I write about Rothstein’s music, one thing never fails to remain consistent, and that’s his natural ability to evoke strong emotion through vocals. He quite literally sounds like the morning sun shining on a world covered in ice. Fallen Atom did a phenomenal job with the production of this track, truly helping to cement the “endless winter” feeling that can be derived from the song. If you haven’t yet, please be sure to give this release your undivided attention.

Listen to Rothstein’s “endless winter freestyle” below:

Artist: Rothstein

Production: Fallen Atom


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