MyCompiledThoughts – “Mesmerized”

By: Seamus Fay

Throughout recent weeks, Massachusetts-based artist MyCompiledThoughts has been posting new music as part of an ongoing series which he calls “thought bubbles”. Each release presents a new range of emotion in both sound and lyricism, and considering the diversity that we’ve seen from Thoughts in just 3 entries of the series so far, it goes without saying that this is a fantastic way for him to show off his talents. Emotion is the fuel for his music, so why not direct this energy into a cohesive, continuous series that fans can latch onto, week after week?

Today, we receive the latest from the “thought bubble” series — a single called “Mesmerized”. Supported by a bed of lush instrumentation, this track stares into the soul of Thoughts’ lover, offering insight into the depth of the connection that he feels in the illustrated moment. It’s remarkably vivid, and considering the way that the vocals seemingly glide over the instrumental, Thoughts appears to be a dreamer in a world of his own.

“Mesmerized” is a fantastic addition to a well-executed series so far, so check it out below and be on the lookout for more “thought bubbles” coming soon!


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