YOUNGFACE – “dontwasteyourtime.” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

While versatility has always been a commanding theme of write-ups involving YOUNGFACE, I’ve come to realize that storytelling and honesty are just as important in recognizing the skill of his creative process. Rather than talk about the world he wants, he talks about the world he knows, and in keeping it so real with his fans, he achieves the connection of relatability that gives artists longevity. Today, showcasing this, we get to watch the MA native take over headlines with his new music video for “dontwasteyourtime”, as premiered by ELEVATOR. 

While this video is fairly plain, save for some well-executed visual effects, it’s the absence of anything outrageous that places a focus on YOUNGFACE’s talent. He thoroughly explores his emotions with music, and the fact that he doesn’t need to be anything other than himself in order to gain fans just shows why he’s on a rapid ascent to the top. It’s wonderful to see ELEVATOR giving this young talent a premiere opportunity, so show some love and give them a reason to premiere YOUNGFACE’s future releases.

Watch “dontwasteyourtime” at the link below!

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