Juxi – “Night Time” [Prod. Yungboylez]

By: Seamus Fay

Coming out of Fields Corner, Juxi is a Graduation Music favorite who seems to be dead-set on artistic development. He takes his time between releases and truly works at his craft, resulting in noticeable improvements that push the rising talent just a little closer to his goals, one step at a time. Today, we hear Juxi experiment with some new flows in his latest single, “Night Time”.

Produced by Yungboylez, “Night Time” slows down the pace from some of Juxi’s past singles. It’s a bit less hectic and more focused on bringing forth genuinely infectious energy, which finds itself most directly manifested in the addictive glide of Juxi’s smooth cadences. This track is, as expected, yet another step forward for the Dorchester artist, capping off a strong year of success and stylistic exploration within his art. That said, be sure not to sleep — check out “Night Time” at the link below!

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