Milky Day – “Pink Yellow Rain” ft. CherryPizza

By: Seamus Fay

Sent to us courtesy of @gregisonfire — one of Graduation Music’s most frequent music discovery consultants, we’re here today to shed light on an artist by the name of Milky Day and his gorgeous new single, “Pink Yellow Rain”. Embodying shades of the colors mentioned in the title, this track is beautiful in the kind of way that transports listeners while it’s playing. The vocals, doused in emotion and dreamy as can be, mix with the intricacies of a soulful pop landscape to make an undeniably addictive track, and the result is something that you simply need to hear.

Alongside CherryPizza, “Pink Yellow Rain” has something for everyone, as it paints landscapes with its sounds and draws out scenes with its lyrics. Milky Day is armed with a pen just as sharp as his vocal skills, and when pairing the contrasting tones of the vocals together, he’s able to create worlds of colors with his music. That said, “Pink Yellow Rain” is incredible, so check it out at the link provided below! 

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