Lil Cxxp – “Just Do It” [Prod. BruferrBeatz]

By: Seamus Fay

Lil Cxxp is certainly no stranger to our pages here at Graduation Music, and with enough emotion in his songs to captivate listeners for hours on end, this rising talent has more than deserved every word of coverage to date. Today, he’s here to keep the streak of incredible singles going with a brand new, BruferrBeatz-produced offering entitled “Just Do It”. As we’ve seen throughout the past few weeks, Cxxp is starting to gain some notoriety, so naturally, he’s here to exuberate an infectious sense of confidence that you can’t help but nod your head to.

This triumphant feeling is addictive to the ear of the listener, and especially when communicated with the signature, rawly-passionate style of Cxxp’s vocals, it can’t be looked at as anything less than inspiring. Lil Cxxp is one of Massachusetts’ brightest rising stars, with “Just DoIt” as undeniable proof. This MA representative is looking at a glass ceiling to the top, and while I can’t say I know what his future will be, I can say that all signs are pointing up.

Listen to “Just Do It” below and enjoy the unique talents of Lil Cxxp!

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