$ean Wire – “Sincerely” [Prod. Tropicana Bwoy]

By: Seamus Fay

$ean Wire is one of those rare cases of an artist that doesn’t need to say much in order to speak volumes with his lyricism. His stories are simplistic but infinitely touching, and with the tint of soul that marks his signature style, this rising talent never fails to grab the listener’s attention and keep it, entirely undistracted for the duration of the song. Today, bringing his talents back into the spotlight, $ean Wire is here with a gorgeous new single entitled “Sincerely”, produced by Tropicana Bwoy.

As the title denotes, this song perfectly embodies sincerity. Wire speaks his mind on a plethora of issues and obstacles of life, and embedded with a mistrust that carries across the entire song, “Sincerely” proves to be a universally-applicable offering. In addition, given the fact that this is the MA native’s first release in quite some time, it’s important to note the development that Wire has undergone since we last heard him. As always, he’s taking his naturally-impressive talents to the next level, allowing for fans to witness this growth and fully embrace it. 

“Sincerely” is an impeccable track, so be sure to show some love and check it out at the link below:

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