Connis – “Introvert” (Prod. babygoat) MUSIC VIDEO

By: Shamus Hill 

The transformative ability of BT Livin to translate wonderful music into exceptional visuals has been put on display yet again, this time with Connis and babygoat for “Introvert”. Arguably one of the most potent releases out of the Cambridge-native this year, “Introvert” is a testament to the fact that Connis is staying true to himself as he pursues his dreams. 

One of Connis’ standout attributes is how he’s able to construct bars full of meaning that are incredibly fun to listen to. With lines like “I don’t be chasing with soda boy, I just been chasing this dream my whole life”, and “Everybody got the drip now, I’m just rapping till’ the pipe burst”, it becomes overwhelmingly evident that Connis is willing to go against the grain in order to see his goals through. His primary focus is developing within himself rather than following the opinion of the masses, and with that being said, “Introvert” is a shining example of how he’s making strides towards completing this mission. 

Big shoutout to babygoat for coming through with frosty production that allows Connis to really exhibit why his artistry is not to be messed with. “I didn’t hear that babygoat tag in the intro first, BABYGOAT, oh there it is, that’s my shit forreal” echoes Connis at the beginning of the track, showcasing how highly the Cambridge-artist thinks of the young producer. Anytime his name is attached to a song, it instantaneously becomes a “must listen”, and as he continues to work with more and more talented individuals, his skill set has only continued to successfully develop. Living proof the fact that Boston possesses both talented rappers AND producers, the future of the music scene in our city is looking brighter than ever. 

Watch the official video for the Connis’ “Introvert” below:

Produced by @babygoat617

Directed by @spaceysim // Shot by @bt.livin


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