MyCompiledThoughts – Thought Bubble 1: “Exhausted”

By: Seamus Fay

Trying to sum up MyCompiledThoughts’ style in one statement is a daunting task, but if I really had to try to condense such an expansive palette of artistry, I’d say that Thoughts’ music revolves around translating his exact, undiluted thoughts and emotions directly into music. This is brought to the light with his latest release: the start of a series of “thought bubbles”, which aims to show us exactly the pattern of transformation that he has gone through as an individual and as an artist. Marking the first drop of the series, the MA talent is here with a new single entitled “Exhausted”.

As described by Thoughts in the description of the track on SoundCloud, he states:

We start our journey lost and exhausted trapped in a state of pure disillusion. You’re a broken artist who used to drowning in his own filth. Crying out to be saved. Enjoy.

This acts as a commanding thesis of “Exhausted” and just how true-to-self it really is. The hypnotic background instrumentation mixes with electrifying vocals, and the pop-induced tint of sound on this one makes for an incredibly entertaining listen from the very first second to the last.

MyCompiledThoughts’ is expanding his catalog with even more great music, so check out his latest at the link provided below!


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