Greg Gaffney Presents “Hometown Heroes: Boston” Via Audiomack

By: Seamus Fay

It’s one thing to have a platform and another to use it to the benefit of others. Exemplifying this sentiment with an ear pointed toward his home city, Greg Gaffney is here today to unveil a brand new partnership with streaming service Audiomack, curating a playlist for the service entitled Hometown Heroes: Boston. Featuring 16 songs from MA-based artists as well as a ranging portfolio of sounds, styles, and moods, this playlist arrives in a well-deserved and much-needed fashion for the city’s budding music scene, as Gaffney uses his prowess as a music curator and “digital cratedigger” to shine a light on Boston’s plethora of rising talent.

Hometown Heroes: Boston will be updated on a regular basis, so if you’re looking to get set up on Audiomack and submit some music, reach out to

P.S. — Let’s take a moment to appreciate this playlist as well as anyone else making strides toward the growth of Boston’s music scene on a national level. Artists, producers, promoters, engineers, and everyone else involved, thank you. And special thanks/shoutout to Greg Gaffney for this one.

In the words of Tim Larew, the doors are being opened in Boston, just keep knocking.

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