Froze.40 – “No Wait” [Prod. JGONTHEKEYS]

By: Shamus Hill 

Returning to the Graduation Music pages today is the up-tempo trio Froze.40, a group that is consistently responsible for injecting energy straight into the lives of their listeners. This statement proves to be more accurate than ever following their latest release of “No Wait”, which features both SK85! and Giuseppe Love seamlessly flowing over some icy production at the hands of JGONTHEKEYS. Labeled as a member of the Alternative Rock genre, “No Wait” proves to be a stand-out example of how the group is only going to continue to develop their sound as time progresses.

What stood out to me the most upon the first listen to this track is how much SK85! seemed to alter his sound with this release. While he continues to evoke the same feeling of liveliness that he’s always achieved through his vocals, SK85! amps things up to 10 here as he explores a more melodic, tuneful sound on “No Wait”. Coming in to polish off this record is Giuseppe Love, whose artistry has grown on me tremendously. He’s routinely successful in concocting vocals that contain high levels of feeling and energy — a defining characteristic which has made a vast majority of Froze.40’s releases straight-up addicting to listen to.

The trio has promised to release even more high-caliber music in the coming future, so listeners will have to throw “No Wait” into their rotation until that moment arises. If this is the first time you’re hearing about the group, I highly recommend listening to their track “Ride” which, much like “No Wait”, is an uplifting banger that you’ll find stuck in your head for days to come. Major props to SK85!, Giuseppe Love, and JGONTHEKEYS for their willingness to both hustle and experiment with their sound. Their work ethic is most certainly not going unnoticed.

Stream Froze.40’s latest offering “No Wait” below:


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