Jack Karowak – ‘Treehouse Audio’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

The release of an artist’s debut project is generally a defining moment in their career. It’s a culmination of potential, past experience, a chase for the top, true-to-self personality, and every other element that makes up one’s individuality, but more than anything, it’s a moment to exhibit what has come from restless hard work and the discovery of one’s artistic identity. Here to provide one of the best debuts out of MA that we’ve heard in a long time is Graduation Music favorite, Jack Karowak, with Treehouse Audio.

If there’s anyone that embodies the concepts of growth and development as an artist, then it has to be this talent right here. There was a time when I knew of Karowak’s music but never heard that one song that really hooked me in. Needless to say, Karowak never stopped working, and as a result, he’s now making the best music of his career, working toward his own expectations rather than anyone else’s.

This is Jack Karowak’s moment to show the world who he is, and by the sounds of it, he doesn’t waste a second trying to be anything he’s not.

With this, when listening to Treehouse Audio, you can tell that it’s the kind of project that came directly from the MA representative’s heart. It’s 100% what he wanted to make, and with this level of authenticity at the forefront of the release, it marks a refreshing experience for the listener to hear such liveliness in Karowak’s lyrics, vocals, instrumentals, etc.

I could go on about this project all day long, but in all honesty, the music speaks for itself, in this case. Just know that Jack Karowak is a name you’re going to be seeing all over the place quite soon, so get hip early and stream his debut project, Treehouse Audio, at the link below. This is an important moment not only for Karowak, but for the entire MA music community.

Production via David Walker, Triple Beam Brad
Features from Thalles Nunes, Notebook P

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