Mellowgod – “Andy Milonakis” [Prod. Owen]

By: Seamus Fay

Mellowgod is just having fun with it, and as a listener, I couldn’t be more entertained. This rising talent made his first appearance on our pages a few months back with the addictive song, “Bankroll”, and today, he’s here to follow it up and take us further into his world with a true-to-self, sauce-filled track entitled “Andy Milonakis”. And trust me — by simply embracing who he is and supplying listeners with an endless supply of quotable punchlines, Mellowgod has some serious replay value on his hands, so let’s delve further into it.

Produced by Owen, “Andy Milonakis” is able to establish its effortlessly cool identity with the backing of a soulful, understated instrumental. The beat on this one never tries to do too much, but instead finds just the right level of melodic energy in order to match Mellowgod’s rhythmic style, and it works perfectly. Gently placing his array of flows on such a well-fit instrumental, we hear the MA native describe his life and personality using a sense of innate charisma, further painting him as an entertainer by nature.

Mellowgod is an incredibly exciting artist coming out of MA right now, so be sure to show some love and check out his newest song at the link provided below!

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