Saint Lyor – “Crawl” [Prod. Kiefer]

By: Seamus Fay

In my two years writing for Graduation Music, Brockton has always held it down on the music side of things. Not only is the raw talent already there, but the work ethic and dedication toward growth is also hyper-apparent, leading to some incredibly promising developments from several native acts — one of which is Saint Lyor. While we haven’t heard new music from Lyor in a minute now, today, he’s here to break the silence with a new song named “Crawl”. And if there’s anything that will show that Lyor is back and better than ever, it has to be this one.

Produced by Kiefer, “Crawl” is one of the most refreshing offerings that I’ve heard out of Massachusetts all year. Saint Lyor raps with a profound clarity, letting out true-to-self lines that maintain a strong, soulful presence throughout the song’s entire duration. Adding fuel to the fire, the jazzy instrumentation is gorgeous in every way, and if anything, “Crawl” should remind you why Brockton is home to numerous up-next artists. Saint Lyor is helping to lead the pack by setting a high bar for quality, so be sure to get hip by clicking play on his latest at the link provided below!

Engineered by @SahmeerOdies

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