Gabe Gill, Jxsh, BASEMENTPARTY – “Distant”

By: Seamus Fay

Gabe Gill is known around the Graduation Music pages for having an incredibly mature sense of artistry. Both his music and visuals hold quality above anything else, and naturally so, Gill has continuously risen throughout the ranks in the Massachusetts music scene as an artist to keep an eye on. Most recently, he visited us with some gorgeous cinematography in the video for “The Perseids“. Today, he’s here to keep fans attentive with a beautiful new song entitled “Distant” alongside buzzing talents Jxsh and basementparty.

Taking to an atmospheric, guitar-led sound, this song creates a warm sonic atmosphere and seemingly lets it wash over the listener, one chord and one lyric at a time. Gill, Jxsh, and basementparty exhibit a noticeably authentic level of chemistry alongside one another, and without forcing anything, “Distant” is able to find its identity as a wildly illustrative song — a characteristic which certainly seems to span over the entirety of the MA native’s catalog to date.

That said, show some love to this talent-filled collaboration and click play at the link provided below!

Written by Gabe Gill / Jxsh
Produced by basementparty
Mixed by Connor Barkhouse
Mastered by Falls

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