Lil Cxxp – “Diamonds Shine” [Prod. Timeline]

By: Seamus Fay

Individuality remains at the forefront of Massachusetts artist Lil Cxxp’s style, and by backing this up with a unique, rock-induced sonic direction, it goes without saying that we have a must-watch artist on our hands. Today, Cxxp is here to keep the heads turned and light the way for a bright future with his new single, “Diamonds Shine”. Produced by Timeline, this sparkling banger fits perfectly into the consistency of his catalog, and more than anything, it shows us why he’s starting to gain traction both in MA and far beyond.

That said, “Diamonds Shine” also acts as a solid example of the control which Cxxp holds over his cadences. His bellowing vocals grace the instrumental in a cohesive, frictionless way, and by knowing just when to switch both notes and emotion in order to better fit the instrumental, he exhibits an artistic maturity that will only push the stocks even higher. With every new song, I find some sort of improvement and refinement in Lil Cxxp’s style and seeing this, it’s clear that he’s been putting in some serious work as of late.

Show some love to this MA talent and click play on “Diamonds Shine” at the link below!

Produced by Timeline
Mix/Master by Lil Cxxp
Cover art by Nic Violets

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