Dave Wonderz – “A Good Place” ft. Manzie

By: Seamus Fay

Personally, once the season officially changes to fall, my playlist tends to find itself in a much calmer, more relaxed place than it was during the summer. Providing the perfect soundtrack to this change in taste based on season is an artist by the name of Dave Wonderz with his new single, “A Good Place”. Easygoing and smooth in nature, this song is just what I needed to keep on repeat for the fall, and seeing how well Wonderz is able to find his strengths in the silky melodies, it goes without saying that he’s an artist to keep an eye on.

That said, the soulful, guitar and key-based production from Manzie here is a definite highlight for the song. The lyricism is simplistic yet illustrative, allowing for listeners to get lost in the addictive sonic direction which Wonderz chooses while painting a vivid picture in their heads. “A Good Place” puts its audience in, well, a truly good place, and with that, it’s a very solid release to introduce some of our readers to Dave Wonderz.

Be sure to show some love and check out the latest from the MA talent at the link below!

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