Kingfrom98 – “Friendzone”

By: Shamus Hill 

Deadlock Riot is a collective of diverse artists from the Boston area, and though they are relatively “new” to the ever-so-growing scene, they’re on a mission to prove that they’re to be taken extremely seriously. Deadlock Riot’s Kingfrom98 recently dropped “Friendzone” to help reinforce how versatile and talented the group truly is. Kingfrom98 has made a few appearances on the Graduation Music site to date, and deservedly so, he’s back today with some adaptations to his typical sound.

The complexity of “Friendzone” is what instantaneously attracted me to this record upon first listen. “Feels like I’m home when I have you by my side” echoes Kingfrom98 towards the beginning of the track, and from here he only dives deeper into his past relationships, and the feelings accompanied by these relationships. What I really love about “Friendzone” is how it continuously develops with each coming second. Starting off as a more somber, reflective piece of work, Kingfrom98 chops things up a bit, before diving on into the more upbeat remainder of the song.

On the second half of “Friendzone”, Kingfrom98 showcases his vocal skills as he continues to reflect on the love-related issues of his past. The ability possessed by Kingfrom98 to not only sonically develop, but to inject his personal life directly into his music is admirable. On top of this, he’s responsible for mixing and mastering each of his records. With each new release, it’s overwhelmingly apparent that Kingfrom98 is an artist from our area that’s worthy of undivided attention.

Listen to Kingfrom98’s latest offering, “Friendzone”, below:


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