Mozado – “Tangerine Dreams” ft. Danny Diamonds

By: Seamus Fay

At his very core as an artist, Danny Diamonds most impactfully makes his presence known by creating soundtracks to the universal moods and feelings we all experience on a day-to-day basis. His music is easy to resonate with on a wide scale, for this reason, and today, he shows this off yet again with a bright new offering, “Tangerine Dreams” alongside Boston-based producer, Mozado. Transporting listeners back into the sun-soaked days of the summer, this song is most definitely an anthem of sorts, and quite frankly, it’s one of Diamonds’ finest performances to date.

That said, the essence of “Tangerine Dreams” arrives in the form of immense ambition and even greater dedication. Danny Diamonds has his sights set on the top, and over a backdrop of sparkling melodies and energetic drumlines, he proclaims his commitments to paving his own lane and finding success regardless of what it takes. Considering the Boston native’s wide arsenal of musical talents, I truly believe that he’s going to bring this star-studded dream to fruition very, very soon, and when that happens, we’ll be able to look back on “Tangerine Dreams” with a genuine smile.

Mozado snapped on this one by giving Diamonds just the right instrumental for the occasion, so be sure to check out the latest collaboration from the two Massachusetts representatives at the link below!


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