Listen to Connis & Elijah Fox’s New, 8-Minute Jam Session

By: Seamus Fay

Ever since the release of the song “Kiss the Moon”, I haven’t been able to keep Connis out of my rotation. The growth that he has exhibited seemingly right in front of our eyes is truly inspirational, and with each successive release, he’s only getting better. The creative and sonic exploration that we’re hearing reminds us of the sky-high potential that the Cambridge native holds, and today, this is put on display yet again with Connis’ latest offering: a free-flowing, 8-minute jam session with Elijah Fox.

The only two figures present on this one are a piano and Connis himself. There exists a profound beauty in its simplicity, and with such relaxed instrumentation acting as the backdrop, listeners are able to focus on what Connis is saying. And the more you listen, the more you realize that this man can reallyyy rap. He’s a lovable character full of honesty and impassioned deliveries, offering a sense of soul that is innate rather than learned. Throughout the jam session, Connis raps and sings in a conversational way with his listeners. He’s having a good time with it while effortlessly showing off an unreal amount of talent, and with this, a random 8-minute jam session becomes one of the prettiest releases out of MA that I’ve heard all year long.

Sit down, put everything to the side, and enjoy this one by clicking play at the link below. Connis is something special.

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