Isaac Dunbar – “Freshman Year”

By: Seamus Fay

While he may only be a freshman in high school, Isaac Dunbar is a Massachusetts native that has a lot to say. His emotions prove to be deeply ingrained throughout his music, and with a knack for translating the toughest of times into the most beautiful of lyrics, Dunbar’s artistry knows no bounds. Today, this is shown through the budding star’s latest song, “Freshman Year”. Incredibly personal and true-to-self, this is the kind of song that has the power to really resonate with and even save a lot of listeners out there, so let’s delve further in.

Backed by gorgeous, guitar-led production, the way that the instrumentation builds up on this one makes for a special offering in the sonic sense. Each and every one of Dunbar’s lyrics are heartbreakingly honest, and just by listening through a pair of headphones, listeners are able to feel his pain — so much so to the point where it hurts to even hear his struggles. Becoming emotionally involved in “Freshman Year” is the default reaction, as fans come to grow and love the vulnerability of Dunbar in the context of his high school career.

I could write about this song all day long, but I’ll let our readers check it out for themselves at the link provided below. That said, also be sure to keep an eye out for the soon-arriving accompanying visuals for “Freshman Year”!


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