Jonesy – ‘Upside’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

In my personal opinion, the best music is that with the most soul. An absence of soul can easily deflate the ability of a song to impact a given listener, and the worst part is that it’s remarkably easy to tell when an artist isn’t fully behind the message they’re conveying. Today, marking a project with ample amounts of soul and captivating personality, New Haven native Jonesy is here to bless our pages with a brand new tape entitled Upside. 8 tracks long, this is just the release that we needed from the rising talent in order to capitalize on the immense potential that we’ve heard from him in the past, and naturally so, it takes hold as his most refined offering to date.

That said, upon my first few listens of the tape, the main aspect of artistry that I enjoyed was Jonesy’s monumental presence when on the mic. His figure stands tall against a backdrop of hard-hitting instrumentals, one after another, and by approaching each beat with an equal level of energy, there doesn’t exist a point on Upside that fails to turn your head or yield some sort of emotional reaction. Jonesy is sure to keep things close and personal here, communicating personal lows and highs in a way that can feel applicable to any listener, regardless of their identity.

That said, this one is perfect to keep on repeat all weekend long, so be sure show some love and click play at the link provided below!


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