Cousin Stizz – “Made” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Listen to the replay value on All Adds Up. Listen to the hit-making abilities of One Night Only. Listen to the charisma on Cold Times. All of these should prove that Cousin Stizz is making the best music of his life right now, and deep into one of the finest musical hot streaks I’ve ever seen, all signs are pointing up for Fields Corner’s own. Applying the pressure even further, he’s back on Graduation Music today to unveil a new set of visuals for the Cold Times standout, “Made”.

At the heart of this song is the sense of comradery that develops between a soon-to-be star and those that he came up with. “Made” is an ode to future success and ambitions just as much as it acts as a thank you to those stayed down throughout the whole journey, and the only way to honor such a strong sense of duality is to come back to where it all started. That said, the music video for this one finds Stizz right back at home, surrounded by several familiar faces such as REEF, Joe Johnson, OG Swaggerdick, and more. It’s a family affair in every sense of the words, shedding light on a beautiful moment for Stizz as he looks back on just how far he’s made it.

“Made” reminds us all — “you can do it, too”.

Watch the music video for “Made” at the link provided below and if you haven’t already, stream Cold Times here!

Produced by Lil Rich
Directed by Gilad Haas


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