[PREMIERE] Caliph – “King Liph Freestyle” [Prod. RELLWTHEWAVECAP]

By: Seamus Fay

In my time writing for Graduation Music, New Bedford artist Caliph has been one of only a few names that have stuck out and remained one of my favorite artists from the very start until now. Charged with an electrifying personality, a strong sense of passion, and both the lyrical and sonic direction to do some serious damage when on the mic, Caliph is always finding new ways to impress, as hit-making seems to come as an innate talent for him. Today, we’re proud to help remind the world of his prowess by premiering the budding star’s brand new release, “King Liph Freestyle”.

Produced by none other than RELLWTHEWAVECAP, this dense new offering takes fuel from an infectiously soulful instrumental. The unforgettable sample-based melody clashes against drums that hold no hesitation in garnering energy, and once everything meshes together, the final product is a hard-hitting beat that leaves a wide-open canvas for Caliph to do what he does best. Bar after bar, the New Bedford representative steps into the room and asserts his dominance, offering up an endless supply of clever lyricism that will have you flashing the stank face for every second of the song’s nearly 3 and a half minute duration. He covers a wide range of topics that justly sum up his personality, so much so that listeners will be sure never to forget Caliph’s name after this one.

Caliph absolutely snapped with his latest, so if you need a reminder as to why he’s ready for the top, I advise simply clicking play on “King Liph Freestyle” at the link below.

Mixed by Ryan Easter
Art by Caliph

And if you haven’t heard them already, peep the rest of the Free Liph freestyles at the link provided below!

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