TheWorldBirdie – “Good Time” ft. Ali Grace [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill 

Fresh off of the release of his debut album, ARTx, theworldbirdie and Alexander Hagani are here today to reunite and provide fans with the brand new video for “Good Time”. The vibrant visuals circulate around the theme of summer romance, and perfectly suit the soothing, warm feel that is present throughout this track. Following the release of this video, it’s apparent that the Cape-native is yet another artist from Massachusetts that’s on his way to becoming one of our area’s most notable talents.

This video showcases the beauty of finding love during the summer, yet at the same time how it all eventually comes to an end as the fall rushes in. Capturing the essence of this song perfectly, there’s no arguing that theworldbirdie has once again added a solid piece of work to his catalog of releases. No matter the subject matter, he’s extremely talented in the area of breaking down his life experiences and coming up with delightful methods of expressing them.

The last time Alex Hagani and theworldbirdie joined forces was on the video for “ARTx (Intro)”, which, similarly to this release, was exceptional. The pair have an innate ability to work well with one another, which becomes overwhelmingly apparent as they continue to collaborate. All we can hope is that they’ll team up again in the future to make some more magic happen.

Watch the video for theworldbirdie’s “Good Time” below:

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