A.Tibbz – “TIMBS” [Prod. Twayne The Kidd] & “124” [Prod. DeskBangahz]

By: Shamus Hill 

Stoughton’s A.Tibbz returns to the Graduation Music site today on a mission to display how hard he’s been working this year. Within the span of 4 days he’s released two tracks, “TIMBS” which was produced by Twayne The Kidd, and “124” which made use of DeskBangahz production. Prior to these two songs, he released a project last month, as well as a long string of songs over the course of 2018. A.Tibbz has been grinding to say the least, and the growth he’s shown in his music serves as the perfect sign that he’s been moving in the right direction.

“TIMBS” was the first of the two tracks released in recent days, and it’s here where A.Tibbz takes a moment to reflect on his recent successes and shift in mindset. We touched upon his growth in music earlier, and it’s apparent that he’s beginning to truly come to terms with his potential. He’s past the point of letting anything get in his way, and understands that his moment to shine is right around the corner. Twayne The Kidd concocted a fire beat for “TIMBS”, which assisted A.Tibbz in flexing both his rapping and singing capabilities. An overall wonderful collaboration, this is a track that deserves placement in your heavy rotation.

“124” was dropped by A.Tibbz yesterday, and, as mentioned before, utilizes production at the hands of DeskBangahz. This track is more reminiscent of songs like “Special Treatment” and “My Way” in a sense that he really lets his vocal abilities shine. He’s more than capable of hitting a wide array of notes, while at the same time chiseling out addictive flows. Props to both A.Tibbz and DeskBangahz for coming up with a beautiful output on “124”.

Listen to “TIMBS” and “124” down below:


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