Lil Cxxp & Chelji – “Lines and Lies” [Prod. Crowley]

By: Seamus Fay

Just a few days removed from our new interview with Lil Cxxp, we couldn’t have asked for a better offering to introduce listeners to his unbelievable sound. That said, today, he hits Graduation Music with “Lines and Lies” alongside Chelji, and together, they truly make one of the best songs in Cxxp’s catalog to date, without a doubt. It’s emotional, it’s passionate, it’s well-suited to be a hit, and looking at the numbers that the track has done less than a week after its release, this one is well on its way to doing some serious numbers for Cxxp and Chelji. And quite frankly, they both deserve it.

Produced by Crowley, this hypnotic offering takes shelter in the emotions surrounding confusion. While in a relationship, many questions might swirl around one’s head as they constantly try to read between the lines. “Lines and Lies” confronts these issues with a remarkably authentic touch toward making the lyrics as accurate as possible, and in such a way, it comes across as a piece of music deeply ridden with pain and wonder. Both Cxxp and Chelji let out fiery vocals with a clear tongue toward speaking their truths, so much so that the single takes grasp as a defining moment in each of their catalogs.

Don’t miss out on this song in all of its incredibly catchy glory — click play at the link provided below!

Mix/Master: Crowley
Cover Art: Nic Violets


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