Meli C – “Gave My All”

By: Shamus Hill 

Here to make her debut onto the Graduation Music site is Meli C, a poised artist from the Boston area who recently blessed fans with her latest single “Gave My All”. Utilizing production at the hands of TnTXD and Yung Tago, Meli C flows elegantly as she reflects on the hardships of losing a close friend. The death of a loved one will forever remain one of the greatest challenges that one encounters in life — however, moving on from such a damaging point can prove to be an even greater challenge for many. Despite this, Meli C isn’t about to let this difficult moment seize control of her well-being. Perfectly encapsulating the emotion of something so traumatic, “Gave My All” serves as a powerful addition to Meli C’s discography.

What caught my attention upon first listen to “Gave My All” was Meli C’s melodic presence on the track. Combine that with the raw emotion displayed after the loss of someone close, Meli C offers an amazing display of her artistry with this release. While “Gave My All” proves to be an extremely catchy record, Meli C’s hard-hitting lyrics paint a vivid picture of what she endured throughout this tumultuous period of her life. Describing everything from the harsh reality of what has occurred,to the feeling of giving everything you’ve got and still hitting roadblocks, “Gave My All” is a song worthy of undivided attention.

Meli C is further proof that Boston is home to some truly amazing artists. Helping to raise the stocks a bit higher with “Gave My All”, I’m really looking forward to what’s next to come from young talent.

Listen to Meli C’s “Gave My All” down below:


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